Sunday, August 7, 2011

weekend thought

after so much richness, i have been hermiting.
here you can see useful plants, beautiful plants, too.
bergamots in three colors
a big red hollyhock
hosta in bloom
black eyed susan
tiny violas are there, too, hiding out.
each has become paper or textile 
and then there is inspiration
india's new, extrordinary book
habu linen and paper 
i am a four year old
spool knitting
with kozo and lokta, 
kozo dyed with black walnut
an old spool
an old bone hook
a new idea
lily fruit
they are beautiful together
are they not?


Valerianna said...

Woops, my whole, long novel-comment just went away! So, suffice it to say.... hermit-ing is good.... I'm off to Maine to find companions. I hermit quite enough!! Lovely things you're making.

deanna7trees said...

beautiful fibers, ideas and photos. and that much good stuff.

mjc said...

I agree, a spot of hermit-ing is good, especially after lots of travel and teaching. Did you use marigolds to dye the blog? It's turned a lovely golden yellow on my screen.

Velma said...

v-i'll miss your comment, but glad you checked in! enjoy maine, will you be coastal?
d-have you seen the book?
m-definitely marigolds! and i'm beginning to emerge from my hermitage. a little bit.

Valerianna said...

Yes... coastal Maine, but not postal! ( or rather I won't go postal.. couldn't resist!) Wells with friends... then possibly over to Cape Porpoise to say hi to my sister's in-laws who live right on an inlet... looking forward to see breezes!

iNd!@nA said...

it's nice to see the baby being photographed in good company

Velma said...


jude said...

they are. and i have my knitting spool sitting here next to me.

Velma said...

a(n) (r)evolution!

Barry said...

V- sure takes one back - even as a young boy I did this - but not with delicate paper fibres - beautiful to create a delicate weave with the fragile fibres. B

Velma said...

b-oh, i love to hear when a boy has textile learning. it's great how much ALL children respond to yarn!

Virginia said...

Glad you're home in the North Country again AND that you got some Ian time. It has been a wild and busy summer here and now two of the maples in my yard are dripping with winged seed pods. I've almost recovered my studio from kitchen construction and I think it's time to bundle some of those up in cotton and silk and see where they end up in a few weeks. Any suggestions? Tips? Prior experience?

Velma said...

v-have you read india's book? i'd try the silk, bundled tightly around some metal, in simmering water, to start with, anyway. let me know how it comes out.

onesmallstitch said...

love this post - a little bit of everything. gorgeous corner of the useful garden. i have a friend who works with challenged adults, one spends most of her time spool knitting with donated yarns. friend then uses the knitting as a weft and weaves placemats for their fund raising event. the new background looks like butterscotch - yum.

Velma said...

i was going to use this as a weft in the weaving i just did, may do another with it! and i needed a color change.

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