Monday, August 8, 2011

coming together

last night i walked wendy and made a decision...
to warp the funny little good wood loom.
august is itchy when you wear a fur coat year round,
wendy pretending to not hear me say, "let's go!"
 besides cockroaches,
 when the world ends,
 there will be wild grapevine
opportunistic climber.
if you stand still too long, look out.
i battle it on the fringes of my modest "lawn".
habu linen paper
there was a round bale 
on my table

 ~in washington i tried renier cherries.
i found them here, very expensive, delicious~
so the habu linen paper was warped
weft was the habu, some indigo dyed old pattern paper
 and some slippery elm that i fetched from the perennial border
i am astonished
how my seeing outside and inside
in the landscape and in the studio
(with bows to the northeast shakers,
dorothy liebes
ed rossbach
john mcqueen
who played with warp)


Anonymous said...

gasp! a bale of habu linen paper?? it's perfect for the beautiful weaving. when my world ends there will be dandelions - tampopo, in Japanese. we don't have wild grapevine.

Velma said...

j-a round bale, fresh off the ball winder!

deanna7trees said...

there's always so much inspiration here. i could just walk right through that 1st photo.

jude said...

beautiful blue paper...

Velma said...

d-wendy would love to take you for a walk!
j-old paper, so a bit tough, and thirsty for indigo

iNd!@nA said...

neat notion, dipping pattern paper....

ronnie said...

ahhhh I've been missing so much loveliness whilst I've away and computer-less (mmmmm indigo pattern paper weaving!)

Velma said...

i-lots of that happened out west
r-welcome back!

Kristin said...

I love this little loom. Where did it come from?

Velma Bolyard said...

kristin, it's a good wood loom--they're on the web

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