Friday, August 5, 2011

indigo on friday

 dried out indogo
 an old shower curtain full
 papers i dyed in washington (near olympia)
potted baby indigo 
those papers: pattern paper, kozo, lokta


Fiona Dempster said...

Fingers crossed for you V - it must be an amazing process from green to that deep and inky blue. We did some indigo dying in Japan - it's also a great stain as my fingernails attest!

Barry said...

V- I think I'd like some of those tiny plants growing on our block - sure F would make good use of them. B

onesmallstitch said...

there is magic in those leaves. have fun.

Deb G said...

Just wonderful!

Velma said...

this isn't my first time growing indigo, but it's been about 25 i have to relearn the whole thing. following rowland rickett's indigrow project on facebook is a great help!

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