Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fourth day syndrome

last night, this
 today i couldn't decide if it was the gusty winds
 or my fuggy brain,
 but ramona identified it:
 fourth day syndrome
a ruby throat through my fog


Valerianna said...

Oh, I wonder what day I"M on.... I've been foggy for a week now. Enamored of the pipe patina.

Velma said...

v-yikes. maybe the pressure changes? the pipe was found in the scary basement.

Anonymous said...

a fuggy brain, now that's a new one. Love the pipe, are you wrapping it with "things"? maybe the wind will blow the fog and fug away. woo- don't say that too fast!~!

Manya Maratou said...

fourth day away?fourth day of bundle? fourth day of work?
pressure changes do it for me..or that is what I tell myself..
this too shall pass, says solomons ring

neki desu said...

i can vouch for pressure changes

Barry said...

V- always hard to come down from the total buzz of such a great creative gathering as you had. Love the pipe - in my world it would make its way into some assemblage. Go well. B

Velma said...

jean-fuggy is a step more, i wrapped it, indeed.
manya-fourth day after india's workshop
neki-ohh, sinuses...
barry-this one is one to covet!

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