Friday, August 19, 2011

shifu squares

not long ago i was asked if i would sell a shifu square
which i did.
and then i thought
perhaps somebody else might want one, too.
if would like me to send you one,
email me privately
the cost is $25.00
i will email you back and verify, 
and when your check arrives,
i will mail it to you.
only a limited number for sale
 the specifics: 
lokta shifu, woven on the stump loom, 
2 inches square, four selvedges
a blank page!
~sorry no pay pal~


mjc said...

I treasure my Velma shifu square!

Velma said...

i treasure my "strange books" (wasn't that it?) teacher!

aimee said...

me, too! once, i thought it had gotten lost in the endless travel and my heart sank so low...thankfully, it had just been hiding out somewhere else.

Velma said...

oh, aimee--

Anonymous said...

beautiful little stack of blank pages.

Barry said...

V- such beautiful delicate work - if only I incorporated paper in my stuff - have to work on that. Go well. B

Velma said...

j-i love holding them
b-if it will be, it will

Anonymous said...

I love my tiny little square, a delicate treasure from your hands...

Velma said...

thanks, lisa, you were why i offered a few for sale!

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