Wednesday, August 17, 2011


aimee and i were talking the other day.
the great thing about having a generation 
or so
 between us is perspective
a gift we both give the other in friendship
she said,
"i was like a tadpole then"
still not a tadpole, about 15 years ago
(from the refrigerator)
we were talking about being 18
that's when i married
these two came along in my late 20s. 
still a tadpole.
still trying to grow up
 on the work table
 ideas and little tasks


aimee said...

it's such a gift to have you as a friend, someone who is further along in the metamorphosis! thank you for reaching out to me across all those miles when we were across the world from each other.

Anonymous said...

hi tadpole, hi aimee. I continue to be amazed at the friendships and connections we make on the www. still further along..! Velma, love the shifu cutting.

fabriquefantastique said...

your workspace looks very neat....

Velma said...

a-tadpole to tadpole... tadpole!
f-if only you knew (ahem, that's my dining table, my work tables are too crowded to work on!)

ronnie said...

I know what you're talking about.... I'm my best friend's tadpole!..... (the hard part about being a tadpole I've been learning over the last few months is when your friend's health fails.... my bestest has been diagnosed with Parkinsons and its been discovered he's had 2 small strokes..... as a result I sense the vulnerability of life as never before....)

Velma said...

r-elder friends can be so wonderful. lots to learn from them, in every sense

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