Sunday, August 28, 2011

a child says thank you

there are wonderful children in this world
this came in saturday's mail.
i love that a child has written to thank me.
you made paper and you rock, 
three gifts from india's long ridge workshop
 tanya made this woven momento
 india used my paper for a twist on the origami book
 i have been making string, a new way and an old way
 a felted vessel gift from regina
 a button from
~delectable mountain~
the MOST incredible store in brattleboro
 i played with rock shapes:
and played with words: 


aimee said...

TOO lovely and precious. i love the unearthing at home of the journey. and the thank you, how wonderful.

ronnie said...

thank YOU - I love the way you've handled the 'fungus'... and I really badly want that button!

neki desu said...

the thank you and the rock sketches make me want to sing

Fiona Dempster said...

Velma - I oohed at every photo - truly! As I scrolled down I was going oooh, oh, many beautiful things!Everything, simply everything was wonderful, heartbreakingly beautiful and precious. I LOVE the fungus writing too - simply stunning! Thanks for such an invigorating and uplifting visit. F

Jeana Marie said...

I'm so glad her letter made it there ok. I will show her when she wakes up in the morning; she will be so excited! A big thank you from her mum, too :) Lovely mementos from your workshop.

Velma said...

a-unearthing is exactly the right word!
r-delectable mountain, the store without a sign!
n-thanks! my drawing skills are a bit rusty
f-SO many beautiful things is right. i'm so fortunate
j-i hope she likes her fine paper!

ArtPropelled said...

Lovely captured moments. I'm sure Eowyn will be very chuffed to see her letter on your blog.

Anonymous said...

wonderful collection of precious treasures. I love that Eowyn wrote on her paper, hope she continues to make her thank you note paper.

Velma said...

r & j- chuffed must be a good thing! anyway, i'm excited about a new papermaker in the world!

Valerianna said...

Nice to have a recommendation for a field trip to Brattleboro, don't know that store! And haven't been to B in a while... guess I need to go.
Lovely gifts from the workshop, I love the grass vessel and the great note!

Jeana Marie said...

Big smiles from Eowyn this morning :) She is indeed, very chuffed to see her letter!

regina said...

Velma, such a sweet post, gathering of all the gifts, your paper sings in it's new twisted origami book. miss you sister keep our bench warm joy regina

Velma said...

v-i had no idea how HUGE this workshop would be for me
j-i will remember "chuffed"!!!
r-what to say? missing your quiet, intense (positive intense) presence...and the mess!!!

mjc said...

Fungus is a good word :)

Patricia Sahertian said...

oh, thank you, i loved this post. all beautiful things.

Velma said...

p-thank you!

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