Saturday, August 13, 2011

lawns and moon

i hate mowing the lawn. it's a miserable job, but i do like having a green trimmed area where i live. several days ago i took out the dread mower john deere, and pulled the starter, after having filled the oil up because he said i needed to. the cord pulled back and hurt my hand and arm, and then i tried it again with worse results. and so it sat and my lawn grew beautifully shaggy, showing all kinds of plants i have introduced to it from papermaking, curly dock, canada thistle mostly. hawkweed blossomed. yesterday he was here and emptied almost a quart of extra oil out of the motor. it works and i mowed. 
this morning the birds from all around are HERE. the newly mown grass acts like a magnet, more and various birds are here than ever! and from the sky i hear the occasional cry of a great one. this is delightful!

 trying to capture the moon
 see it? it's there!
 the cows watched me in wonder
 as i kept trying to capture the light
the bull, ringed nose and all
was busy keeping the cows away from me,
jumping up on the unwary
using me as diversion
and on the way home, after putting away the camera, coyotes began to sing
calling from one ecotone to another
wendy stayed very close then.
so, i have been working on the book, but am stuck, and am starting another today. i seem very slow this summer, but i have time to finish. the days are still long enough.


Gardener in the Distance said...

The clouds make me feel very small, Velma - that is fact, the smaller the better. You're right about mowers, they are the most awful instrument given to our hands, yet the birds come out chirping afterwards. Do you think the birds like civility and the ways of humankind?

Velma said...

f-i had a bazillion cloud photos because they were so amazing! not sure i picked the best ones--i think the birds like the availability of insects and grubs and worms that mowing affords. nevertheless, they are dancing in the sky above my rather ratty looking lawn!

Deb said...

All the photos are spectacular...I fill the screen with them and step back, trying to imagine the reality.

You should try to borrow a couple of sheep for a few days!

Velma said...

deb, thank you! no sheep right now (though i thought about it). as they say, been there, done that. now if goats liked lawn the way sheep do-i used to raise both, and goats win hands down!

Valerianna said...

The woman with the moon in her hair.... nice!

I am JUST about to go mow the grass... can't really all in lawn, no, not at ALL! I'm resisting... but its not that bad, and really MUCH better than before when I had a reel mower that didn't cut at all. Now, with a hand-me-down from my father, the grass actually gets CUT and not just bent and in one pass, wow! But I commiserate because the first time I went to mow this year, my father said make sure it has oil. I searched and searched and found the oil cap (so I thought) and subsequently poured a bunch of oil in the air filter! So my neighbor fix it guy fixed it that afternoon. What a guy, cause I was in a tantrum about it for some reason, I just wanted it cut THEN! However, I didn't tantrum at him... cause I didn't expect him to bring it back THAT afternoon!

short mower empathy novella...

mjc said...

Beautiful images, beautiful skies: love the moon in your curl.
(Yes, you have time).

Velma said...

v-he said to me, your not good with lawn mowers. i replied, i hate them.
m-thanks. the moon was hard to capture with those cows (and the bull) messing around by the gate.

Leslie Avon Miller said...

I am slower now too...shall we just embrace that and see what gifts it brings?

deanna7trees said...

i just love how the cows have captured the light right on their edges. i have a very small area to mow and have a battery operated mower. however, given the summer we're having here in texas, there's very little need for mowing.

Anonymous said...

just love how the curls, clouds and cows ears are all glowing in the light. what is it about lawn mowers?? I dug up most of my front lawn - I was a few years younger, and try to pretend the back is a wild flower meadow. well, it works for me.

Cait Throop said...

Oh Velma, we have such beautiful clouds!!! xo

Velma said...

l-embrace is so where i should be!
d-the light was so amazing that night, and texas, you know from hot
j-digging here just means a plethora of rocks!

jude said...

great atmosphere you created here, wow, the photos are fab! nice hair

ronnie said...

yummy pics

I love the curiousity of cows - they just can't help themselves if there's someone doing something unusual near their space they've got to see (and bulls can't help their biological impulses irrespective of distractions hee hee hee)


Penny said...

Such beautiful cloud photos.

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