Saturday, August 27, 2011

there and back again

 final morning bundles
 a treat
we were wearing our colors 
 more magic 
 an installation in a sheep meadow 
 tanya's amazing bag
a linda detail 
julie and the reds 

after five days
we are beginning to find our way
through the web of land skins
 a bridge message
 a little miracle from my spooky basement
my favorite surprise from the cauldron
 the drive home 
i decided to take the ferry
to cross champ's puddle
 yep, the mountain welcome
 cormorants for twitch
gull for me
  adirondacks in the dusk
they're home


Valerianna said...

Beautiful! I love the bundles all laid out together on a cloth -like some alchemical collection of artifacts. Glad you're home, battening down the hatches here.... off I go.

aimee said...

what magical places you go, and then back home! with treasures.

Anonymous said...

oh, it all looks so wonderful. Wendy will be happy you are home, stay safe.

Dee / Cloth Company said...

what glorious discoveries!

Velma said...

d-yep, she led us in the dyedance

Bonnie K said...

Velma: Your words, photos, experiences, travel and creative musings are music to my soul. Thank you!

Velma said...

thanks, bonnie

deanna7trees said...

such beautiful results and stitches. you've inspired me to play some this weekend with bundling.

Velma said...


jo said...

velma I have so enjoyed your sharings of this wonderful journey - thank you

Velma said...

j-i DID rather go on and on about it, but it was a lovely experience. india is a very, very good teacher

Anonymous said...

oh, my, goddess! this looks to have been an amazing adventure, thank you for sharing so much of it. i feel like i'm under a waterfall of experience.

ArtPropelled said...

The installation in a glorious green meadow makes me wish I were there too.

Fiona Dempster said...

Oh my - what treasures, what memories and what a wonderful place to come home to. I hope you enjoy the reflecting and remembering as much as the doing...F

Barry said...

V- amazing what has been unfurled from your wrapped twigs - brilliant - and as Fiona suggests there may be many great memories of the fun creative experience. B

Penny Berens said...

so inspiring, Velma. Like Deanna, I want to go off and wrap bundles now! She's coming here in October...Can't wait!
Hope all is well with you these days...stay safe.

Velma said...

h, r, f, b, p- a waterfall, a meadow installation, treasures and memories, unfurling, inspiring: it was all that and so very much more, i'm glad it came through in the post--

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