Thursday, August 25, 2011

yesterday and today

 goldenrod harvested sustainably
 mending while wearing
serving tea
silk threads
my bundle for today
lots of super 8 sewing wednesday night
regina shares my table
we are the messy sisters
she makes felt that sings
photo of three sagittarians taken by one 
a skin sister's hands at work


Valerianna said...

mmmmmmmm...... wild love..
if you know what I mean

Valerianna said...

Oh, and PS, if traveling is an issue in the hurricane and you need somewhere, I've got plenty of room if you're not allergic to Pasha cat. I think they've already cancelled our first day of classes on Monday, which they NEVER do... there's a whirling going on...

ronnie said...

goodness such gorgeousness

ArtPropelled said...

Earthy .... goodness! How to express my love for the gathering of natural materials to use in art making. I can feel it here.

Lynn said...

There's nothing more beautiful than hands at work in that way. Lovely images - all of them.

Barry said...

V-just love the energy and the generous connections - you all look to be have such collaborative creative fun. Go for it. B

Velma said...

v-good to have a port in the storm
r-yes, with a little help from our friends
l-i have a ton of hands pics
b-it's good energy, glad you caught that

Deb G said...


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