Tuesday, January 24, 2012

choosing correctly

 walking often solves many problems for me
personal. political. design.
in the last week or so,
amidst other concerns
i've been able to think through
the what of several pieces
 seeing this problem 
through the camera's eye
was so much clearer
i chose the blanket 
over whip stitch
it's clear in the pictures
once i weeded,
 two folios were picked out,
stitching's equivalent of back weaving
but no stitch is wasted in learning
just a little bit of string.
i now have several hours of blanket stitch
on the eight folios.


leFiligree said...

what birds are those?

neki desu said...

weeding by means of photos. now there's a thought.

iNd!@nA said...

glad SOMEONE is getting things sorted...xo

Velma said...

lf, starlings
neki, jude uses photos all the time to edit
india, bit by bit, maybe!

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

The folios appear to be in conversation about what the future holds for them. Curiously I as well.

aimee said...

funny how hard it is to make simple decisions, sometimes, and then how easy it gets after the hard work!

Velma said...

aimee, i forged ahead before i sampled enough. fool of a woman.

Valerianna said...

Nice to SEE things differently. My eye in the camera catches things I never would have seen otherwise. I had a professor in grad school who said that the camera was the new sketchbook. He was a real ego-maniac on the up and up in the NY art scene, and I didn't love him, but those words come back to me a lot lately.

Glad you can walk, here, we have been sliding.

Velma said...

v, sliding here, too, but i walk on the sanded bits on the road side. i HAVE to move out. the camera is a tool i forget about sometimes, or only use it one way.

onesmallstitch said...

I love my camera,use it all the time. it has the most amazing eye - never wrong. it teaches me what to look for.

Velma said...

yes, jean! in this case the stitching was not right, but i couldn't see it until it was next to the right stitching. actually the thread isn't quite right, which throws the whole thing off a bit.

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