Saturday, December 31, 2011

new year

 old year
silk, cotton, indigo, eco cauldron
 strings left from summer dyeing
 canada goose from saranac lake
where the threads are going
where are yours going?
new year
a very good one 
to you!
leah's snowflake

Friday, December 30, 2011

what is joy?

 being stunned
 moments before flight
strength and vulnerability

Thursday, December 29, 2011

nothing much... say. 
this just appeared.
no kidding.
i am working,
pulled out a cutting mat, set it up, 
and there it was.
 i wanted to show you my new journal
 and the bag i put it in
 and on the other side of the table i saw this
 there are a four circle sheets from st. armond
 and this amazing journal
mohawk superfine pages, 
case paper cover
 seeing, sometimes it's so rich
even the dishes
 touching, sometimes
 learning, in this case to use flash 
to capture the fugitive greens
 oh, the endbands
do you make endbands?
i can't wait to use this
almost everytime i go someplace,
start something new, 
beads appear.
blue oatmeal story, because i was asked.
i was a student, dyeing at home on old sheeting
with rit dyes, layering color, shibori when it was tie dye,
subtle when subtle was OUT.
aluminum pan for cooking the dyeing cloth
(you can see where this is going)
in the morning i made oatmeal
served it.
bleary eyed, not believing, i realized the truth about NOT 
dyeing in kitchen pots.
rit blue oatmeal.
poison, maybe. i learned my lesson.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

brown cloths

when the amazing india's eco colour appeared
i had been playing for some time with rust
and mold
and alternative dye processes, 
not knowing what, exactly, i was up to.

since the days of college and extreme frugality
i have been
using old cotton sheeting to dye on.
in those days, i used rit and procion dyes. 
there is an unfinished quilt in the trunk--
in soft reds and blues
(the story of the blue oatmeal comes from this time)
not long after i commenced reading eco colour 
i was dyeing
bundling, adding metals, plants
(and a frond of eucalyptus from the florist)
several days ago i pulled out this cloth
and studied it. 

it's fine. 
 the old cotton
sucked up the available pigments
in tidy patterns  
for christmas, my daughter hannah
knitted a brown cloth. a scarf
to keep me warm. 
her friend jody's pattern
apparently available on ravelry
(i don't do ravelry...)
two brown cloths.
both made from a few fibers...

Monday, December 26, 2011

a little snow

on christmas, we went to the mountains
 there was caroling on christmas eve
 and goodies, but on christmas
 we drove in order to be THERE
 where i feel both welcome and a little rebuffed
 the snow came and went.
 we returned home to delicious eating
 and today there's sugar coating
 and milkweed is decorated
(see that front moving through?)
 and there were some strange stained spots on the snow
 the origin, perhaps?
and melt chilled now. 
 waiting for the weather to change.

Friday, December 23, 2011

snow fall

and deepening dark
 except for one small spruce
 here the cold deepens
 not very much snow, actually
 the old barn softens and freezes
 so does the woods
night falls, the day after solstice
a bit before chirstmas eve.
this tree on a hillside, north facing
always surprises me
as i go home.
hugs to you all.

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