Monday, November 30, 2015

artist's book

i've admired jody alexander's book work for years
and i love the name of her business
wishi washi studio.
she is currently 
working on a  body of work
combining old book covers and old cloths
stitch and stamp and
the japanese country frugality. 
here's her statement
and she has produced a wonderful artists' book
called KEEP.
 she uses today's technology to produce
this lovely to hold book
printed at her local printshop.
 and her photos and
photos of her own work
stitch and stacks.
 and drawing and not many words here
which make a marvelous book.
available from jody here.
while there, look around at jody's work. 
and be amazed.
on my walk...
someone made ice
a neighbor i never knew i had
and today's light show.
go see jody's work. 

Sunday, November 29, 2015

the week

in the trees
 in the ottawa sky,
more flocks
 flocks at the national gallery of canada 
i went along with the art club and art classes
from my school
we saw the monet show,
the rideau center for lunch (good indian food)
and shopping (best forgotten)
an imax film at the museum of civilization
and got home late tuesday.
 guarded by mamon
 and another great one.
and wednesday i went to the tiny ogdensburg airport
and picked up hannah
 for thanksgiving
 a knitter is in the house
she brought wool to touch and smell...
she's knitting wool and having tea, 
i'm weaving paper and having tea,
 and she asked if i knew how to make bento bags.
i asked if they are the same as horn bags.
 so using some old sheeting
i'd dyed with indigo and rust
we each made our own.
she was impressed by my stitching,
i by her enthusiasm.
an equal exchange.
 and i had my birthday. 
i am 59. 
wow, i've lasted a long time!
there was a small box with a huge surprise.
 another present
(the knitter queen brought me two knit garments!
and a woven shawl!)
 paper and indigo and walnut and silk and 
 a promise to hold on to
 a wave of shifu!
 the setters and my partner and his daughter and her partner
 and hannah and me
all went walking at the new place
we call home.
 the beeches hold their leaves,
clinging to the last year.
 while these three 
 examine secrets in yesterday's overcast.
thanksgiving and my birthday
two days apart.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

long view

 vertigo for me
i hate towers and bridges,
and this one here is totally see through steel mesh.
yet i persevered.
  i could see for miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles
 and miles. here
from the road to the new place i call home
 where this big one
 greets me as the sun
goes down.
 inside i examine
a woodcock
 a strange bird
that i learned
 when i fist came to the north country.
his call is odd,
his eyes way up high
his body awkward
and yet he flies here in spring and was, until a couple of days ago
still found here.
this one will be a meal.
i must get used to having fresh fowl around
as well as fresh vegetables,
and my favorites, 
the wild berries.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


barely past
 i stop and look
 and the sun keeps illuminating 
 of this wetland
 a refuge for many many birds 
and their friends.
 and just up the road 
 another group 
 of ladies
 greet the
frosted winter sun.

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