Monday, October 31, 2011


 i went to lake placid to my doctor today
and then on to keene valley
to take a look around
my finger's tendon is healed
there may be a wee bit more night splinting 
but it's strong and well
we stopped at the d.e.c. office in raybrook
my friend came, too
 and i scored this wonderful 
 hard outer cards on a wonderful map fold
 invasive species on one side
 and the part of new york 
i call home
on the other 
a good news day

Sunday, October 30, 2011

fiber and books

over on the book arts list serv
tirelessly maintained by peter verheyan
a message came through:
Many of you know how obsessed I am with collecting, researching and making book-shaped objects. In my collection I have many sewing-related objects. Recently, I've been making some tiny felted book-shaped pin cushions in historic binding styles. I have a little edition of 15 (all different) and can make custom, even monogrammed ones. If you are interested, let me know I have some photos. They'd be a good holiday gift.
well, i had to write and see: 
then i wrote back 
asking about their colors:
these are perfect gifts for the sewing/book obsessed
tiny medieval book pin cushions
email her at:
tell her i sent you!
 i sure do think they're nifty
and there's another pin cushion i just saw and liked:
needle book and pin cushion combined
mindy, kaite; brilliant!
mine is 25 years old, give or take,
and not in need of replacement.
from my dear friend susanne

Saturday, October 29, 2011

almost halloween

this lazy fall
has turned to ice
this heron
spotted in the adirondacks today
waiting late before it's journey
struggled as it waded 
onto thin ice
losing balance
regaining balance
was difficult and so, i assume,
was the fishing
later today
in a parking lot
 rattletrap truck
does he think this  
 is in anyway attractive?
later still
i had a tiny healing nap after the chaos of shopping
and found i had forgotten the mail
(i never forget the mail)
which i fetched after a lovely phone chat
with my dear friend wendy
a book about being sick
a way of acknowledging 
just being in this place
with my healing dog
from aimee

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


i heard his voice all summer
but saw him
first today
 i used to have returning cardinals
year after year 
fought their reflections
in my studio window
 each spring
from a lilac perch
how much better to have
a shock of brilliant 
on another sick morning
red red in the wild blue grapes

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

moaner groaner

that's me
groaning and moaning 
i've had flu, and am 
getting better
five days and only 
a tiny stack of shifu pages
but i did get gorgeous wool gauze from 
long ridge farm (under the shifu bits)
 swathes of color (thank you barn & trees) have been like food
 and still the dogbane waits to be pulped
 today: a slim package
from trace
 she took my shifu 
and made a dye concoction
 and there's red.
and once again i'm photographing in light that washes out the color
there is actually richness, tones of burnt umber
i have no patience
to fuss 
these photos are pathetic
i made it through a half day at school today.
a book came from gary frost
but i couldn't wrap my fuggy mind around it
reading gary is always a treat
the man thinks 
about the bookness of books 
 7 pages
1 folio
5 sick days
i also purchased this
which i have only briefly looked at.
maybe tonight.
how have i made it through?
you tube and lewis on the macBook
yes, i'm an anglophile mystery nut
if i could be any heroine in fiction
i would be harriet vane.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

 last thursday the light show after school was amazing
 hooligans and staff alike were anticipating friday, 
they had a day off
we had "staff development"
i couldn't capture the sky, 
the blues and wildness
were almost fearful
friday's huge headache morphed into a cold
all weekend i have been taking things easy
feeling under the weather
my friend mark is a letterpress printer, 
and this gift is appropriate
for a nasty cold, saps energy, leaves chills and fever,
aches and pains
and fog for brains
i love letterpress 
 the maples are almost bare
 there is still a great deal of green in the landscape
not much happening for me
rest and lemon/ginger/honey 

Thursday, October 20, 2011


 this has been sustaining me
memory of stitching
talk around the table
a pocket to die for
 a healer's hand
a shell like pendant
and something addictive
thankyou three for this memory
sustaining me
through illness and hooligans 
(and my, challenging they are this year)

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