Sunday, April 28, 2013

things to delight the eye

during the week of this full delicious moon:
ecoprint on lokta and cotton shifu over ecoprint with...
...a relative of madder: lady's bedstraw
(gallium verum)
ecoprint tree mamma and moon for valerie
bart visited school on friday
(bernese mountain dog)
and for fun, a starling dance on roof peak
movement study
week wrap up: big changes afoot!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


 the parts don't seem to go together
delicate white blossom
gold surprises
leaves huge and weirdly wrapped,
flower hiding out, then
hiding under
then gone
 and then
huge fat leaves
almost tropical
but deep underground
like an old arthritic finger
a fat, red twig-thing
bleeds orange when broken
big winds again tonight
and i dyed some shifu.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

looking into the recent past

 an adirondack foothill walk on sunday
 cold but beautiful
 lovers or a book
maybe both
 my sister and i remember this walk
which we've done many, many times
though not often together
water is high, but i've seen it higher
framing spring
over the fall line
big sound
crows and ravens talk high above
a little friend
out back
succulent new grass brings
out two
no, four yearlings.

Sunday, April 21, 2013


i'm not, as i say, a numbers person.
this post is number 800.
my attention has seldom been on post numbers.
this post is number 800.

on this mighty cold day in spring, 
i just hung out the laundry and now my fingers ache from cold
(this day is colder than the winter days
i spent last june & july in melbourne,
where people were suffering from cold)
this blog post, number 800,
should perhaps be something of a milestone.
i can measure a mile, 
when numbers match up to a distance,
they make good sense to me.

this is what i will tell you:
blogging about what and why i make things 
and about my life in my middle age, certainly past the middle of my life,
sings and sails and plays all kinds of tricks.
and then the idea of gifts:
well i have, as a result of this blog,
received some amazing gifts:
the most amazing of all has been dialogue 
surrounding what it is to make things.
aimee and i are always going on (and on, and on, it seems,
fortunately to only ourselves!)
about making work.
and then it's so with all of the other friends i have,
the artist friends. 
so this little paper thing below was a gift
and behind the careful cutting of my name
i placed an ecoprint
 there was another gift
 ochre light on the brush 
that likes wet toes
 and sometimes gifts are attempted.
with the best of intentions,
but are rejected
but to you readers,
i give you a gift:
i will continue on for a while 
until i'm done with this.
and then i will stop.
a morning gift 
a gift from stephen- 
waiting for me to use in some way-
the layer of warm
from a garment 
from old japan, a place i wish
to visit someday.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

discouraged sometimes

how amazing this world
this beautiful earth is
as she turns towards summer
in fits and huge winds
 i am confused and discouraged by myself
by all of us
by what i hear from the voices
of people who believe strange and vicious things
 i walk out on my land
and on the land at the new place, too
looking for solace
 and then i get played
by a porcupine
into remembering: this 
trickster (who lives
uninvited in my barn)
and who knows a thing or two
 that i don't.
the spring and the turnings
of this world are wiser
and funnier
than me.
and more beautiful.
by august these will be brilliant
gold and rich chocolate
how could i forget?
i always forget.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

things around

monday things on tuesday
 colorful moon
 the tiny paintings and shanna's beautiful square
(my indulgence from the book arts bazaar)
 a tool i found at the thrift store
on sarah's book
 a good read
 water woman!
cameras are fun
and there were some 
other results: three ticks.
yep, it's that time of year 
three of them, 
crawling up my pant legs
in a hurry
for a feast.
i did NOT photograph them.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

present and present

 yesterday i received 
a belated christmas present
 it is broken and lovely
how marvelous when 
 someone knows you well enough
to give a garage sale present
that is beautiful
and may become something new
indian, painted on glass or agate, i think

another intricate painting
staghorn sumac ghostprint

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