Wednesday, December 30, 2015


a word,
is clanging around in my head.
 i suppose i will look 
 and see why
i suppose it's a point of view.
i suppose it's connected to gratitude.
 it's everywhere.
winter has finally appeared 
with ice and snow and slippery roads.
 our beautiful earth
abundant in the ways we need.
if we are willing
to do the work
we will share in this

i am thinking about this word

Tuesday, December 29, 2015


 sleepy princess tess
in "her" chair
 spun and madder root dyed gampi
 on being crumbled ground
thank you catherine
 junko sent me a book
 full of surprises
 stitch magic
 if school was in session
it would be
a snow day
 ice, snow, rain
 more stump-woven shifu
weaving words and fiber and pain and joy
indigo walnut kozo.
and working on matching words
to experience
in a book.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

peace and love

peace dove and carved heart
(thanks to barry and shanna)
 to all of you, friends in the ethers,
happy holidays.
i keep christmas in a quiet way.
whatever day is yours
may it be lovely and paeceful.
of special note: 
this christmas eve morning i've opened the house to a warm breeze.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

nights change, so do days

 moon is waxing
as this year wanes
but first
christmas brings family
 news breaking in the family
the lovliness of relationships kept dear
through distance and time;
 this moon surprised me
way before dawn
when i stepped out the back door into
weather borrowed from september
(too warm!)
and the ground eager for snow not coming for days
as el nino shakes up thinking and knowing
but old luna i know
hiding behind that falling-down black cherry by the barn.
luna waits, winking, saying
keep paying attention.
it is the easiest
and hardest
thing to do.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

light leaving at home

saturday afternoon
the wind came up and it was cold, wintery, finally.
i knew it would be harsh.
it was.
we walked down our dirt road
to the bridge and looked back,
back towards our place called home.
 it was sunset
and a gray day among so many short gray days
and the wind gusted its wintry self
ha ha ha 
because it IS winter.
 and this is the other view,
this same stream as the one with the beaver action
in the first photo
and here it is.
this morning at the late dawn
two inches? i was asked? no
one? no
a half, probably.
 but it's cold enough to make some more 
or to build on this if the ground cools some more.
across the "pond"
man-dug into the stream that flows through the land
at the place called home
there are more ridges in this 
rocky place.
we have plans, though, and will work hard
making this home.
it provides for us already,
but we do have to work some at it.
all good work.
at home.

Sunday, December 13, 2015

a little wild

the book page that i was weaving
from lokta kami-ito
took off somehow
and became a sampler of crazy
 so this book that i had in mind
might be another altogether.
  the pages wanted to hang out
                                                         with therese's shifu
 and then i had to make a book mark
or another book
or a longcloth.
a small longcloth.
 there remains enough kami-ito
from one sheet of lokta
to make two more 2.5 inch square pages
with milkweed
and a little bit of thread to sew with
left over.
 i love leftovers.
 bits of beauty that are marks of abundance
 grapes now in the pot on my stove
 making prints.
 landskeins visible as dusk returns.
 aimee sent some more abundance

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

whirling clouds

 astonished, i drove, 
 and looked and looked
 snow geese
amidst their larger cousins
 everywhere, in dizzying clouds
i parked behind
that car dealership
whose owner dug this pond
 on my road 
and there,
amongst the canada geese,
the snow geese.
every time i hear that story
of the snow goose on embattled english marshes,
but here 
 they bunched into groups
 keeping in the water
 where, perhaps, they retained
a little more mobility?
 now swimming
after that huge kaleidoscope
 settled down
and oh they were loud! 
all of them, see those snowy ones
with their mouths open?
 perhaps they'd just left the field across the road
where a little corn might scatter around
waiting to feed these late movers
or happy winter feasters
whichever they are.

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