Monday, December 10, 2018

too long

the fall semester seems a little too long
about now,
but there is a sense of catching up as everyone makes their
last sheets of paper:
cotton rag (recycled)
when rachael asked for color
she was delighted with how purple happened
when we added in some off-cuts and beat them with the abaca/kozo
and then she 
chose what she thought might be a rich teal.
she mixed off cuts of green, yellow, and midnight blues...
the pulp promised a deep teal
but resolved into a layered light summer green.
this color mixing was more like working with paint than pigment,
or a chemical alchemy unpredictable
because we worked with leftovers.
 my 15, six vats,
eli's wee moulds made at the farm.
 we got some waterproof aprons! 
and supplement with the printmaking ones
 so many folks in a small space
shared with the silkscreen class, too!
i have them fairly well trained...
six of the students are living at the farm
where the sustainability program runs what looks a lot like a supported commune
(remember communes? now called intentional communities around here.)
the sustainability program has taken on the motto:
they understand they why of making paper by hand.

winter supplies on the porch:
milkweed pods
 dead leaves and sticks (iris, daylily, milkweed)
 new snow shovel
contact printing bundle of plants
 slippery elm bark
 more sticks
 black walnut dye
i often wonder what delivery or service folks think. 
my friends know that the porch is a bit of a supply/storeroom/disaster.
 one of my favorite neighborhood buildings
a wobbly roofline 
indicates it won't make it much longer.
 not all tracks left behind are wildlife
 snow caps on cut birch
 icing up

 if i'm really brave i harvest some greenery for printing
it's really hard on your hands.
so cold.
that old barn in the last sunshine of the day
 snow comes and goes as winter locks in.
on a fine day in december, as the sun begins the fast setting
it's time to reflect.
the year winds down.
it's time for hunger in the woods.

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

time and news

some teaching news and below more news from here:
 in June i'll be teaching botanical contact (boco) prints for the NEGBW.
boco prints in Idaho earlier in the spring is not quite, but almost, confirmed
august will find me TAing for the amazing Christine Mauersburger at Haystack.
and next fall a book arts class at SLU.
may 2020 i'll be teaching north country shifu at the amazing Maiwa in Vancouver.
found buffalo jasper fetish
isn't she sweet?
some wonderful colors on paper recently
as i prep for:
(drum roll) 
wake robin is traveling west in february for CODEX.
it's the big time for this country mouse.
San Francisco!
prints and sampling
it's an early winter
so far ❅ who knows these days ❅
and my birthday tomorrow.
my sweetie bought me a gift:
just look at the box!
and i've oiled her up and been making some marks on paper
creamy arches text wove, 
grassy green cave paper,
and helen heibert's crinkly magenta abaca long beat
gifts from the land--
the last of the calendula
and still it remains
beyond beautiful.
when the sun shines
and the little ones go for a watery frolic
and we wait
for the winter's ease and reflection
snowy and sunny, but mostly overcast so far.

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

thanksgiving everyday inventory

backyard bounty and beauty
bleak and verdant
backporch hiding
 backporch assemblage
 backporch uprootedupsidedown
 backporch harvest:
 birds' nests, mouse nest and feather
backporch road find
 work clothes
inadvertent advertising
 gather, bundle, cook, rinse, dry, use
i woke to gray
which means snow.
the showers turn up and down
but not much snow is expected today.
recent inadvertent sitings:
a bald eagle lifting into the sky 
an ermine making crazy running around over and across the road
a gathering of ruffed grouse hensin one of the grandmother maples
budding (eating maple buds).
despite all the hoopla all over the place
it's a time to say thank you
to my children
family, friends, blog readers and internet friends
the folks who have purchased my work
papers and shifu and books.

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