Friday, September 30, 2011

a day of watching

 on the way home thursday
these amazing beasts were up high, 
i barely found the camera,
they were actually quite close and massive 
they're heavy horses
 wendy is better today
staying close by, 
checking in,
looking for my lead 
in between all the crazinesses after work 
a package lay 
 and has given comfort
 and more comfort
i lay my hands on this
and i could feel the stitched love
and so
a little piece of dyed shifu 
went to visit.
she's doing well on the meds.
and i am well
upheld by a great cloud of caring
and one phone call meant so much.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

another trouble

she's my girl. and she's sick
last night she had an"episode"
today the vet diagnosed (in all likelihood) heart disease
(we knew of a murmur)
but it's so much worse.
tonight, meds and i will watch her carefully
if we're lucky, they will help
she's quite advanced
but coping well
i wish i had known sooner 
i hope it's in time to help
we must wait.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


 some pale markings
(a little over exposed)
saying goodbye
to friends
to flowers
and welcoming changes

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

thinking through

 this lady spent two days bellowing 
and part of one night
 i'm sure it had to do with losing her calf
or wanting to be bred
it's all about sex says my friend
there were dozens of these on the roadside
the same places where the snappers might lay in june
 fruit of the land
this wonderful russet stone  
is sharp 
on its edges
 i've been playing with
a cloud
like families facing loss
i've been weaving

Monday, September 26, 2011

good bye

good bye ed
you left so soon, it seems to me.
you were, among other things, a fine papermaker.

Sunday, September 25, 2011


yesterday was a day of hard news
when i moved to this old farm
i wanted to know more about the landscape.
i had been living in the adirondacks, and now
north of the blue line there were things i wanted to know.
how to identify things. 
how the ecosystem here works.
so i took a class 
with the amazing dr john green at st lawrence university
we walked out every class
learning to dig and eat ground nuts
identify scats, made a bird skin
at yoga yesterday i asked janet how he was doing.
john's heart stopped in july while he was swimming, 
vacationing, in a vermont lake
(john's heart had stopped several times before)
he was 87. i was away, and missed this sad news.
i remember him with love, respect.
at our house these candies, sesame seeds and honey
the kids long ago named dr. green candy
john would hand them out while hiking
and he gave ian one once. 
after yoga there was a festival in the park
news of several friends with pancreatic cancer. 
another friend with a long illness.
they are learning to live
and die, with courage and grace. 
to janet, and to cait and chris and ed and becky
i send my love.
to those who knew john,
i share this:
i'm out skiing with wendy, meet john also on skis,
 with his beloved tuck, black labrador, big grin,
on the kip tract, in the glorious snow.
his 70-something boyish grin, a greeting and a hug,
a little chat, and we ski on.
goodbye john.

Thursday, September 22, 2011


left: wild grapes and some vine and leaves on thick silk,
dyed two days ago
right: indigo leaf prints...pounded onto the same silk.
the prints were washed after a week 
no color loss

Monday, September 19, 2011


 this is what i saw at 6:45 
on my way to work. 
i tootled along
and then i pulled over
couldn't help it
 i turned around and went back
 pulled out the camera 
and got out
 the geese were honking away
 i disturbed them
it seems
 i kept looking and shooting
 then four took off
 the color was shot with early light
and the red maples showing their true colors

Sunday, September 18, 2011

the day

 large hands can manage a few boro stitches
boro and sundowners
(for you who know)  
 melissa reminded me
though she didn't know it
 there were a few seedpods left
 so i harvested a packbasketful
in the meadow
(the hill mist and i used to charge up,
jump a fence at the top,
continue on...another life ago)
noted: a large scat. coyote?
certainly canine-like
 then went to get some wild grapes
i've encouraged them in front of my house
for birds
for privacy
for pleasure
 for a bundle or two
or shifu dyeing
i may take a big chance 
dye a larger shifu cloth
what do i have to lose?

caring through change

 it seems that caring
is good work
something to continue
to do
as worlds change
 in fall we gather
together thinking collecting
for the big change coming
i count on farmers to grow food
i gather at the market
my indigo dries in the garage
i am counting on color 
to fortify this winter
and the caring i found
through this strange interspace
you friends over there in the other world 
are in spring
while we are shedding the excess
waiting for snow
keeps me connected
i wove last night
after winding balls of lokta
from a skein
 stayed up late weaving
a video anchored me
my fingers dancing
over the warp
lokta shifu square
four selvedges 
spun dry
needle woven
on the stump
i was a little part of this
which makes me happy

Thursday, September 15, 2011

 i've been dyeing again
tell tale fingers tipped in brown
 results on silk
 this silk is from the mountain
and i love it. 
sunset and earth colors
on three layered silk
winter snow on china silk
 Oh, Wendy, 
by aimee lee
and by the way, aimee got it 
exactly right
 photos borrowed from wake robin
 it's about love
 wendy loves her people
all of them.

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