Wednesday, September 7, 2011

there is a season

and it is turning.
i feel a chill.
when india said a presence spoke
their piece in the house
first chill on my skin.
and now, work
and play.
soon winter will lock in.
the furnace will grumble
and hoot.
soup will be necessary
but for now


  1. ...and here at our creek we transition into spring... buds and blossom, warmer, longer days.... ahhhh I love the sense of possibility that spring heralds

  2. still trying to think it really could be spring in your hemisphere!

  3. V- as you know being a metal and wood person I don't get into fabric or paper much - but I am really intrigued by indigo - I just love the idea that such lush green can produce such deep lush indigo. I really need to find indigo plants and encourage Fiona and Ken and Noela to do indigo stuff. Go well as you transition into autumn. B

  4. we are experiencing the hottest weather of the summer but the chill is in the air - and you can smell the change. magical leaf prints

  5. barry, learning indigo will take some doing, i've dabbled several times before, but feel like a complete novice.
    jean, they came out ok, wish for a bit more blue, but thay have deepened a little bit more
    nancy, you did it!!!!!!!!!!

  6. indigo and nice bone folder
    always a good combination...
    those i rubbed into my apron
    got darker on the journey south
    the greener fresher ones
    worked a whole lot better than their yellowing cousins

  7. i, same as my experience. but the red tips on the yellow started out so lovely!


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