Sunday, March 30, 2014


woke this morning to another 10 inches of 
mother nature loves to play tricks
as my wise nephew once said
back in the 80's
"we don't know
what we've done to the weather,"
aunt velma.
it is a snowy morning.
 this is friday
 the ladies are looking
 a bit disheveled.
 work at the new place
studio space 
 see the snow was melting!
 and thaw was everywhere
 until i got up this morning
 10 inches or so 
of new snow
but the birds are singing,
and spring is coming.
i am beavering away
getting ready for the
book arts fair in portland.
this fair is fun.
and, weather permitting,
i'll be there next sunday!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


tuesday morning 
i heard the same robin sing
a distinctive voice
for sure, this one.
 turkey tracks and wiggly sign
over on the hill
 trace a way
 through march snowpack
 and then i saw not one
but five robins
 by the time i struggled to get
my NEW camera out
 they were on to me.
turkey left a down-shafted feather
 and a card came 
a bit late to welcome me home from oz
and it did, smile.
 a phone call from a friend
a batch of prints to tend
and then a strange sound from the little front porch
and on my window
a young and foolish racoon
 caught spraddled on the  window
apparently trying to find
a way up the glass
i made a hullabaloo
because i don't want 
(hear that furry guys?!)
any rodents or small
furred guys 
too close.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

sunday thinking

 the snow continues…
it snowed yesterday
 and today it's quite cold
 and it's beautiful
 my usual walk was shortened to a walk around my house
 so much beauty
 this old house…

 and the young porcupine
 under the cedar
 subsnow passages
 spring is trying
 fire and ice
 so i came back in
to try to warm up.
over at judy's blog
i heard her words about mothering
i remembered my mom
and cried.

Thursday, March 20, 2014


wednesday morning. 7:00.
north russell.
from the woods.
a robin, singing.

Monday, March 17, 2014

iphone camera on my walk

 so there's some (more) snow
 and this lovely light was frigid last evening.
almost as cold right now
 it was too cold to walk
my nose hurt
 but it was beautiful
with light strong, intense
 and secret hidey holes and shadows
 frost heave causes many scares
while driving the back roads.
this morning the snow was squeeky 
and i knew we were below zero.
 some treasures i picked up
at the grampians texture
waiting for experimental stitches
of some sort.
 the leavings from some 
frozen blueberries
patterning the inside of
a yogurt container.
some drawing experiments
under ecoprinting
and today, after,
well i'll let you know what i think 
once they're all dry.

Thursday, March 13, 2014


ok, i know i've been spoiled rotten by summertime in australia.
but geesh!
snow and snow and cold and cold.
you should see the end of my driveway!
and the kitchen cold water is frozen.
and i still don't have a camera replacement.
i got one--too big--
i got a second--
too fancy--
and today i ordered one almost just like my old
plain old
the kicker?
it's cheaper! and RED!!!
 so here, trace, is my photo
taken by YOU!
which proves that i do not always break cameras and 
that my good friends put up with me
 as i look at the melbourne now exhibit.
i can say 
in all honesty
that australians are among
the finest, friendliest people i've met.
and the north country, dear place,
it's time to warm up
just a tiny bit.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

this is a tiny photo
(it gets blurry when i enlarge it)
that a student, jill, sent to me
from my second grampians texture class.
one side of the room was windows, the other a huge mural.
i read to the class every day
and tried to link the readings
to what our hands were up to.
this is the whole group of teachers
trace is next to me and down on the right
is tony who 
gave me a ride to class most days
this little bit of my students' paper&books
is from our show and tell.
thrusday after class 
everyone was in a rush
to get out of town:
meet trains and busses
drive while daylight lasted.
i left the land of kangaroos the next day.
i willpost more photos as students send them to me. 

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