Sunday, September 30, 2012

peace paper and a big week

 (my little canon
 take some nifty photos!)
the week has been wonderfully rich.
so, friday
 friday morning
 with a little fog
 and friday evening on the way to yummy
then, saturday 
i went over to st lawrence university
wow the beater noise 
was all through the noble center!
 some egyptian cotton being pulped
 in a valley beater and a lee macdonald portable beater
made especially for workshops where
clothing is pulped as part of the work
and drew matott (co-founder of combat papermakers) and
this is a new project maragaret is working on for peace paper.
it's about healing
working with victims of domestic violence
a logical connection from the combat paper project to 
healing from violence at home.
it's all about healing, story and healing.
back home a delightful box awaited
from melissa, who just happens
to have been a major influence and on drew!
margaret, me, drew.
i love the circles that are
stitched together
healing, love, friendship, pulp, learning, 
and drew's home town is right here. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

walking ecotone

five walks in two days
 the first walk was near the neighbors
 and much, much later this sky
 and between, a monarch
 trapeezed about
 and then i walked out back
through chin high goldenrod
and vicious raspberries
 into the woods, where quiet ferns waited
fooling feet into confidence
(those hidden rocks 
making jokes)
 there was a tiny scrap of text
 and the stream was jungle overgrown and almost disappeared
 even the upper pond was low
 and this caller
screeched about me, maybe, or the coyote i heard bark.
do you know this bird?
there were two
too far for my tiny camera.
 and three gifts i brought home
and tonight's walk
wendy and me (two walks in two days!)
saw this moon coming up
and when home again home again
i heard a white throated sparrow,
a woods friend in the ecotone.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

the sky and apologies

apologies to anyone 
who has left comments that have disappeared.
i think i've fixed it.
your feedback matters
very much, and i think
i think
 i have conquered the latest blogger bedevilment.
 watcher and noisy one
 a present
 is a treat.
(the indigo didn't photograph blue enough)
and this new book is a delight!
i am loving the stories
of these men seeking 
out rock paintings
in the 50's and 60's
a little north and west of here
i think they were using this as an excuse
to go canoeing 
in the great north woods
with their kids.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

in and out of focus

i've never liked these dried up brown
giant ferns in autumn
till now-
 but i told myself to look
and suddenly my world lit up 
 the papermill danced 
in searing descending sun
 leaving a wild
and peculiar
shadow on the maples 
 sunset behind a bank of clouds
that brought no rain
 and this odd mint, perhaps
(the hint a squared stem)
hugs goldenrod
 much of which
is passing or has seeded entirely
 a basswood seed
 and her propeller leaflet
 a sail for a small freight
payload of seeds
to please sophie.
and wendy looks my way
supper, perhaps, she's thinking
now, please.

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