Wednesday, July 31, 2013

new luxury

Monday, July 29, 2013

july wanes

 at the new place
 so first i saw this one
 then this one
but i thought it was the same one
 before it vanished
not before i saw two white banners
leaping away into the meadow edge
 yes, sleepy babes
one tiny touch, 
my finger tingled with blessing.
 on this morning
 crazy funny hummingbirds
 a feast from valerie's tree
 see the moth shape 
on the bluebird house?
wings brush the rough wood as mom and dad
come home
 a little later
 this morning
the babies were hungry
waiting for more food
  rain clouds
moved through
and the day is fair, clear, a day
a day to love life,
to take care of
obligations and promises.
just a day.

Friday, July 26, 2013

back in the saddle

after the morgan class of 14
i was asked to do a private class of 7
and the pace was as busy,
but it's a different sort of business
lokta shifu
 making stump looms
 two more on the back porch
 an ingenious method of storing the loom and the yarn 
in a cigar box
which is also the loom!
thank you rebecca!
 small looms and large
 and then there was daisy
a very large girl who
 when pam wasn't looking
did a bit of freeloading
 the top of the cigar box
 slicing messages
 the group and daisy
 and the obligatory teacher in the picture
holding the cigar box loom
 morning walks are
 so very interesting
 i monitor the bluebirds
they monitor me 
 the moon is unconcerned
and the cows lick
each other

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


...and back again. letting all my loved ones
in cleveland
and out
know that
i'm back in the north country.
safe. sound.
and it's deliciously cool!

Monday, July 22, 2013

second day

we repeated day one, in more depth.
papermaking with flax and abaca
ecoprinting from ohio
with a little help from northern new york
large pots allow for better results on large paper
many delicate greens
indigo experiment to see if there would be
any transfer
there were no prints, nor overdyeing
the morgan alleyway is a good worksite
rinse buckets full of magical rainwater.
on to a two day shifu class
and then home.
there's a clunk in my right front tire that i need to have looked at.
almost new car. new tires, low mileage. sigh.
but we had 14 engaged students who, i think,
learned heaps.
several came from far away, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio and MAINE!
aimee beats me, though, she had a student from
eastern europe. 
i have been staying in
a magic box of wonders.
tom, i found the frog.
it's now in the dining room
hanging out on a lady.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

morgan magic

i love teaching at the morgan conservatory.
this place makes me happy.
we made prints and then paper and thoroughly 
thoroughly enjoyed 
the process.

tomorrow: more prints on our paper, more paper, more prints.
10 hours, 14 students, we are something!
special thanks to tom, lauren, susan, 
and the interns:
this was the only time 
that i've taught papermaking 
and haven't prepared the pulp myself!

Thursday, July 18, 2013

happy thursday

Ah haptics..the word for what we learn from our hands. A whole different part of our brain lights up when we read a paper book compared to screen...hang onto that old paper and take it in...
chela metzger
 it's hot
so hot it took me a while
to see that my camera was on
a weird setting
 but the cows, calves,
 and here,
the bull
put on a sunrise show
 and the sun kissed
my neighbor's thing
 my garden is on third blooming
 my table a mess as i prep
for the cleveland classes
 my salida journal
 a busy family
getting FAR away from me
and some pink for aimee!
happy thrusday!

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