Thursday, August 30, 2012

the country of...

...the pointed firs
sarah orne jewett's 
writing of rural maine
contrasts yet connects beautifully
with the busy life my nephew and his family lead.
they are returning from being trip naturalists
(photos 6 & 7)
on a prairie home companion's 
summer european cruise.
 of many kayaks
 of pin cherry bark
of coastal woods
a place in the woods
near the atlantic
a change before school begins.
a long drive, but a beautiful trip
reminds me why i live 
so far away from the busy
busy american life.
~~~today, HAND EYE's newsletter arrived.
and includes an important article
about healing work with textiles
read this!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

color and pattern

wendy is stalking the house today,
looking out windows,
needing attention,
she's not exactly full of beans
but she's better.
i'm thinking of a trip down east with her for a few days.
 this little leaf, a remnant from a dye bundle
 came into my kitchen on my shoe
and left on the breeze.
 there's that burdock sphere
 last night
 also last night
yes, i like the jittery photo best
bloodroot and violet
from the present project

Monday, August 27, 2012

fooling me

monday morning
as august winds down and 
crickets sing.
just pulled out a bundle i dyed with virginia creeper berries 
and another with ice flower hollyhocks. 
 the burdock sphere grows
 there have been many bundles
 monarchs love the black eyed susans
ice flower hollyhocks on wool gauze
and there's wendy, 
who is making her ending her own,
sleeping a lot, 
but also
bossing (just a little) the visiting setters
being very much herself,
when she's awake.

Saturday, August 25, 2012


yesterday when i returned 
from errands, 
wendy was up 
curious about the stuff i'd dragged into the house.
groceries, flea market cloth and a blender  
she drank and smelled the dry food 
(that was sitting there, just in case).
i placed some tuna on the floor.
she sniffed and sniffed, and then ate! 
more than a taste.
so i went to town
bought yucky smelling fancy gooey dog food
which she ate. not much, 
but plenty for one who has fasted so long.
this morning she 
asked to eat again.
and yesterday she barked and wagged her tail lots,
so it seems we are in a reprieve
for a bit.
me, i am learning patience, acceptance. 

Friday, August 24, 2012


 music of the sphere
wendy walks, drinks, responds
i stay home.
and out there in the world
people, politicians argue about rape.
forcible rape/rape?

Thursday, August 23, 2012

a different time

today's issue of HAND EYE 
has a little article by me.
lots of color: green!
late summer color
 i've been much in the kitchen
and the yard
paper drying on window,
screen behind
 and from the freezer
last springs color 
the bundle looked hopeless 
but was a surprise 
new work for japan
bloodroot and violet
this was left behind
  on the printing matter,
viola, bloodroot, wild rose
wendy's in this world
resting, mostly.
your words
support us in a sail of caring.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

how it is

wendy won't eat, 
she's just peaceful and fading. 
she drinks and pees. 
i'm not taking her to the vet (again) or forcing the meds (anymore), 
just waiting with her, 
to see what comes. 
i've tempted her with her favorite yummy foods to no avail.
and that's all.
thank you all for checking in.
it matters.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


6:46 pm
wendy is better, tired, but so much better. 
drinking, not eating, wagging tail, watching me
she perseveres.
for everyone's good wishes,
the love for this little 
border collie
my heart says thanks.
we'll see how the night goes.
milkweed pulp, ready to be beaten

afternoon and evening and morning

after the spell
she rested
wendy had a hard, hard yesterday
three hours lap time
her heart running full gallop
felt like it would leap from her chest
finally she rested
 a little water, then
a restless night.

Monday, August 20, 2012


the land has turned her face towards autumn
this week,
i shut windows at night
to keep in the warm
wake to a chilly scarf
draped over my face
my open bedroom window
 reaching into the recent past
letting in the cool
so happy as summer winds down. 
 light and shade
on the hill meadow
where sheep and the mare called flame
used to pasture.
and smiling susans
today i have much to do
or nothing
as it pleases me.
i love rare days like this.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

for auction at the morgan

 morgan conservatory kozo book
 dyed, crinkled, recrinkled
 origami structure
 cover sewn on
mysterious text
about 6" X 6"
made from three sheets of cleveland kozo
two of us modeling socks by hannah
who blogged about her residency
and who is now all done.
archivist for hire!

Friday, August 17, 2012

grayed summer day

sometimes the bundles 
 yield quirky results
 shadows and wraiths on paper
 and cloths
layers of grays
my camera wouldn't read the pale greens
 or peaches
or distinct
rusty shapes on open weave.
and i just set the thing down and get back to work.
  black eyed susans cheer me up
especially after a three hour work meeting
from which i returned with a hollering headache.
this morning there are amazing gold lights
deep within backyard maples. 
sunlight playing games.
not autumn.
not yet.

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