Monday, December 31, 2012

a flower

i found a flower 
in the snow 
it astonished me.
no doubt this old tree 
had a grand chuckle.
in fact, as i skied past
i heard a small, 
very small

happy new year.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

paper and wax and friends

 so i took that bit of spun paper
 and labeled it so i remember 
i'm good at remembering things with my hands, my heart,
but not so much things like numbers, birthdays, holy days. 
i've forgotten my birthday many times.
 so it doesn't bother me
when ever things arrive
 ronnie sent a little zine.
she has kept a year of book art sundays
an amazing year
 hannah tried to go back to maine today
the snow gods hinted it wasn't so smart
 she headed out and i got busy:
in the spirit of cleaning up/out for new year
i collect the beeswax leavings from
the only candles i like
six little ones
 one very wide one
and shifu, waxed.
trace makes wax work look so easy
so does laura.
(and others, these artists are on my walls)
me, not so much.
and then hannah came back, she'll try tomorrow.
joanne kaar, a papermaker, a friend
just completed a cabinet of curiosities of sorts,
an homage to baker and botanist robert dick.
and she is internet friends with another reader here, faisal.
who sent her a book.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

whiter shade of pale

 the little bit of washi
that covered junko's work
 spun quickly and rough
 this is how neighbor, 
dan and his helper dave arrived
my knights in yellow armor
 last night there was another arrival
 not so welcome!
porcupine spent the night in the white pine
wendy couldn't do it
and i couldn't follow it without snowshoes
 my knees are below the surface
 trail is the line to the left of the grandmother maple
we got wet

Thursday, December 27, 2012

real snow, actually

in yesterday's mail 
a book for hannah from kate and
this for me!
 seriously amazing tiny stitching:
 like fairy fingers 
made this pouch
 even the wrapping paper
 is handmade
(will surely be spun up for shifu)
so this morning at 7
 there was a bit of snow
 as daylight emerged
 it's apparent
 that some serious
 work with shovel and daughter
is necessary for an elder
border collie 
to find her way through.
(and the postman to find the mailbox)
and it's still snowing.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

after christmas, before big snow

so they say, it's coming

 a bit more snow
will be welcome
i must sort out my skis 
 get them ready
 the light is still low and thin
late in the morning and early in the afternoon
did solstice really come?
 streams are icing now
 and wendy welcomed hannah
for a visit
a neighbor readied for christmas
with four elongated horses
decked out for the season

Monday, December 24, 2012

christmas eve

as the day reaches its middle
i rest in wonder
 a small river
not yet iced up, it's so warm
 calves enjoying good eating 
and naptime
this patient old man
who waits high in his pasture each day
for what?
wishing you peace

Saturday, December 22, 2012

snow and fiber

 it's been snowing all day--
unamed seed fiber from sandy
 and this evening, 
as i stepped into the shower
my leg registered shock.
hot water heater is whacked.
after annoyance,
 i am immediately chagrined 
at my arrogance. i have hot running water
most times,
will have again tomorrow or monday.
not so for so many folks in the world.
in this darkest time
i am startled into remembering
all my blessings.
hot water.
and mostly family.


 this is what one student completed
he will give it to his mom for christmas 
it was important to finish it in time.
 and this was what
the land looked like yesterday
morning: the solstice
wet and dreary
 and then
first light 
there are inches of fluffy snow
and i am grateful.

Thursday, December 20, 2012


 the great north woods was logged over extensively
and farms were settled around here.
all changed now.
so there is a lot of "brush".
this stuff is jungle impenetrable 
especially in summer bug season.

and it reflects the heavy confusion 
inside my mind on days of planning and busy-ness
and some days, like yesterday, open up.
habu had a sale and i found
very fine paper thread
i haven't even opened these up to touch!
and yesterday i had the very great pleasure
of having tea with my 
 dearest old friend
who is finding her deep self in watercolor.
miracles are good things. 

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