Saturday, March 31, 2012

long haul

caliban press poster
i am exhausted.
until friday, 
not one day at work 
has had any light in it.
not one. for weeks and weeks.
 morning departures
have been monumental
 this image
wild and deeply real
on my mind
and these
yesterday i saw birds mating
on a telephone pole
couldn't get a photo
because i couldn't stop looking.
and this:
old foundation
waiting, waiting.

Monday, March 26, 2012

another roadside adventure

 the roadsides are greening
and the pussiess and catkins and poplars have 
pulled in, cold,
 i played footsteps 
with turkeys
 and maybe a dragging tail?
 i heard it first
 and then i saw
my neighbor driving
his evening commute
you can see the green roadside?
 myrtle on the roadside
equisetum, too.
in other news:
some stories
coming along when i may.
but they are good ones.

Saturday, March 24, 2012


 "take what you need and leave the rest"
i obeyed this invocation
from nature's storehouse bulletin board
 so i did, and passed it on 
and it came back to me
 a package of wonders
and a book of experiments
from the alchemist aimee
go see this post! you must!

 how i love the work
from asao shimura at asa press

Thursday, March 22, 2012

fiber things

 milkweed bast, gathered last night
in my meadow
about 18 years ago i gathered it, too
on skis, on deep snow pack
skating along on the polished surface
using a pack basket
instead of my pockets
i brought home the whole stalks
last night i peeled it 
listening to the woodcock begin it's calling
 delicious, lovely, strong
aimee and i have been writing about it
how much we love it
how everyone's milkweed paper is
appropriately their own
 and the tiny pussys
 are catkins
after this another
hot hot early spring day

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

fog and string and change

 on my way to first drop off the car for brake work
then to work work
i realized i couldn't manage
 i used the cell phone 
called in sick
and returned home (intestinal disorder)
 but not before i spotted the 
rising sun dancing with 
 ground fog 
and bare branches
 and corn stubble
 what a beginning to a day!
wish i could have given you 
a taste of the day:
birds; a weird summer morning
instead, in early spring
 then there was this:
over in the land of oz
india was making string
out of tea bag paper
 while i was walking wendy
with a handful of milkweed bast
harvested from the meadow
my fingers started to play with the fiber
as they often do, but not
when walking on the road
this little bit of synchronicity,
resting on pink alabama kozo 
tickles me no end. 
i can't spin while walking.
or so i thought
wendy waited for me
even for a photo,
but i can't spin and photograph simultaneously.
wendy and i say goodbye to the was cat. 
we will miss you.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


 bugs are out now
 and moths
 i saw a hummingbird feeder
 wonder if i should put out mine
 some critters surprise
i was looking through the great holes
in the trunk of this old apple
the one mist and rose, the gray mares
knew and loved and stood 
muzzle to croup 
all those years ago
 that old tree now hosts
multitudes of bugs 
and one small moth
 i found them both
bug in crocus
bug on bark
before sunset yesterday.
today we say goodbye to a friend
and welcome the spring
and wonder wonder wonder 
at the turning of the season.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

fog before sunshine

there was fog. 
only a little fog
but a warmness playing with the cool
of the warm days this spring.
and it rolled in for a morning 
and then vanished
as the earth sucked the heat out of the generous clouds.
this winter is now spring, 
and it looks like it's going to last.
for a few days, anyway
and i have started tidying up for it
and wonder what the hell
is going on
what's going on?
in the heat of today
 afternoon in the 70's
a crocus rose, blossomed and almost gave up.
one day.
me, i'm trying to hold on
to remember that change is inevitable
even good
and not to wonder about the 
great melting 
up north.
may there be ice.
may there be health.
there are changes on earth
at home.
and peepers began today

Friday, March 16, 2012


the very warm weather
has created some interesting 
happenings around here
the list: 
red winged blackbirds
robins and
for several days i've heard his characteristic calling.
ducks and great rafts of geese
lgbs and lbbs
hawks and owls and one 
huge osprey
and two tiny blossoms 

it's early.

it's weird.
it's acting like spring.
and the kids at school

are hormonal indeed!

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