Thursday, March 22, 2012

fiber things

 milkweed bast, gathered last night
in my meadow
about 18 years ago i gathered it, too
on skis, on deep snow pack
skating along on the polished surface
using a pack basket
instead of my pockets
i brought home the whole stalks
last night i peeled it 
listening to the woodcock begin it's calling
 delicious, lovely, strong
aimee and i have been writing about it
how much we love it
how everyone's milkweed paper is
appropriately their own
 and the tiny pussys
 are catkins
after this another
hot hot early spring day


  1. Spring is springing, a time of renewal and promises. love the milkweed fibre, we don't have it here on the wet coast. I understand it can be used for dyeing - yellow/gold. did you use the pussy willows to make pictures as a kid??

  2. jean, no milkweed? really! hmmm. and yes, we made stuff with pussy willows, but mostly we brought them home to place in a vase to watch. and i once shoved one up one nostril and then had to be taken to the hospital. sigh.

  3. HAHA!! i love that story. i bet the doctor had fun treating you. and, yes, you are so right, about everyone's milkweed paper being their own. i can't wait for the next time i get to make milkweed paper. maybe it will even be with you!

  4. as youngster I read so many (american obviously!) novels that spoke of catskins and pussy willows and maples and snow... all so unfamiliar to a little ozzie gal (I thought snow would feel like a cold fluffy pillow - boy was I surprised when I first encountered the wet stuff!)The milkweed fibre pics have piqued my curiosity

  5. aimee, i remember my mother's stern face...i think she was pretty vexed with me! it was never recovered.
    ronnie, i imagine snow the first time seems crazy! my oz experience was through peter weir films.

  6. a sweet boy in grade school used to bring me pussy willow from his grandmother's tree. They seemed larger than he; he barely understood how to play, but this was a gesture of liking. His family was very formal, old world...

    love your story of collecting in the snow.

  7. I feel I want to reach out and touch these images -

  8. V-what a simple but great idea - allowing people to take what they need; and in your case also pass it on. Beautiful way of getting positivity going. B

  9. m-how lovely!
    f-that makes me happy
    b-that's what's fair, isn't it?

  10. thanks, sophie, soft things for nesting maybe--


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