Friday, March 16, 2012


the very warm weather
has created some interesting 
happenings around here
the list: 
red winged blackbirds
robins and
for several days i've heard his characteristic calling.
ducks and great rafts of geese
lgbs and lbbs
hawks and owls and one 
huge osprey
and two tiny blossoms 

it's early.

it's weird.
it's acting like spring.
and the kids at school

are hormonal indeed!


  1. i haven't seen pussy willows since i left ny 37 years ago. twittering has extended meanings these days.

  2. deanna, i mean the old fashioned twitters. these pussys initially emerged about three weeks ago, got cold stayed there, and are now pushing out more.

  3. you have blossoms! and a wonderful selection of birds - I don't see most of them in the city. Enjoy.

  4. I like those black beefies.... it could be a scene from here at my creek!

  5. you had me excited for a second, i thought that like me you had joined the twitterati

  6. yep, at first i thought you had succumbed to the influx!
    sweet violets.

  7. The very warm weather has created something around here, too... but not so interesting - MUD! Seeing your small blossoms in MARCH really something. And I wonder, if the kids are hormonal now, how long can it last???

  8. jean, not many, but these two are the first. narcissi up 4 inches today!
    ronnie, i had a blast photo-ing "the bull"
    kaite, i can barely handle the blog and my old cell phone!
    neki, no, but steve martin has a new interesting book about twittering
    valerie, mud, i love mud (i know how weird that is)

  9. Not so weird, I love mud, too, just hard to drive through when my road has 8 inch mud ditches!!

  10. mud season is the best! i love mud boots, too! but navigating the mud is a huge challenge.

  11. My preference for twittering is the original too. We have a lot of croaking frogs at night now, although the snow is down low on the hills. I hope to see a hummingbird soon.

  12. yes, i just love th ebirds, who are early. the frogs are still quiet, i wonder what they know?

  13. The first 2-3 weeks of March are amongst my favorite of the year. Whilst its not truly spring yet, it feels like the whole world is waking up!

  14. V-the seasons this year just seem to have their own pattern - don't fit our calendar at all - but it is good to have bits of spring surprise us. Go well. B

  15. barry, is it out of season in oz, too? so weird (and welcome, but at what cost?).

  16. ...and soon the woods will show that lovely pale green haze then poof they'll be in full leaf.

  17. penny, i'm afraid if the green haze comes early, it will get frozen back

  18. indie, me, too. do you have willows in oz?


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