Monday, March 26, 2012

another roadside adventure

 the roadsides are greening
and the pussiess and catkins and poplars have 
pulled in, cold,
 i played footsteps 
with turkeys
 and maybe a dragging tail?
 i heard it first
 and then i saw
my neighbor driving
his evening commute
you can see the green roadside?
 myrtle on the roadside
equisetum, too.
in other news:
some stories
coming along when i may.
but they are good ones.


  1. that's one heck of a hilly road you're on, i enlarged the pic and gasped. one wonders where he's off to every evening, i could make up a few stories about it - his woman friend perhaps, or his mum?
    bird footprints in dust are special.

  2. that's the road i walk daily...a few years ago i ran it! my amish neighbor lives on a back to the lander's place.

  3. i just love those long winding roads. i like to imagine where they will lead.

  4. deanna, this one leads to another, turn right and a mile down is my swimming hole, a falls in the grasse river.

  5. seems crazy green for the time of year
    i'm confused...

  6. The little bit of green we had here is now covered in about an inch of snow! Falling back into winter. Loving the turkey tracks...I've never seen a wild turkey.

  7. indiana and penny, it is WAY toooo green. snow and rain are predicted for tomorrow.

  8. signs of spring, even if winter is not quite out of the way.

  9. V-just so much life happening in your neck of the world - full of bounty and promise - just gives energy looking at it. Go well and hare vet well. B

  10. lF, not quite, but glad the weather is a bit cooler
    barry, it's springing...indeed!

  11. Equisetum! There was a lot of this int my grandparent's neighborhood and as a child I used to marvel at its diversity. Later in life I learned that it was considered a "prehistoric" plant. Nice pictures.

  12. yes, blandina, it even has an ancient feel to it. i like it alot.


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