Saturday, March 31, 2012

long haul

caliban press poster
i am exhausted.
until friday, 
not one day at work 
has had any light in it.
not one. for weeks and weeks.
 morning departures
have been monumental
 this image
wild and deeply real
on my mind
and these
yesterday i saw birds mating
on a telephone pole
couldn't get a photo
because i couldn't stop looking.
and this:
old foundation
waiting, waiting.


  1. Oh, dear: hang in there, Velma. Spring semester is always the worst...inevitably the time that conceals the difference you *are* making...big hugs from Been There.

  2. Wishing you inspiration and renewal this weekend, Velma. May next weeks work days bring some hope and light with them.... forest blessings. Is that your veiw out to that pond? I'm thinking not or we might have seen it before. I feel like sitting there drinking tea and drinking that scene in today.

  3. Oh! and mating Kestrels, now THAT is quite a blessing!

  4. mj, this whole year has been the hardest yet. sigh, and thanks for some perspective.
    valerie, i have a little secret that involves both the view, the mallards, and the old foundation. all will be revealed!

  5. Wishing you some time/activity to refill your bucket. How can you fill up someone else's bucket if yours is near empty?

  6. Velma - Henry Beston wrote "touch the earth, honor the earth, her plains, her valleys, her hills and her seas; rest your spirit in her solitary places". hope you find peace and healing with Wendy, in your woods this weekend.

  7. thanks, diana, i'm having a hard time even thinking about making things.
    jean, i like henry (and your) words

  8. Oh, I know that exhaustion...and that longing for light....cold chill here in NYC too...but soon.soon....the change will come and light will flood the landscape for real. Till then, keep that imagination illuminated!

  9. there is good light in the actual sense, just no light in school, in the abstract sense. spring is back to it's softer beginning.

  10. i have been doing my waiting as well. and it takes courage sometimes. its all for the good in the end and i try to remember the process and the fertile ground of waiting.... things will emerge. keep going!

  11. nandas, you're right, and it's what makes us human, but oh, my.

  12. ...departures that are monumental... thats hard Velma... a time comes back to me of that! I wish you plenty of strength and energy... and wonderful blessed weekends!

  13. and there's only three days of teaching this week, and then spring break. and today i did some real work!!! not much, but some.

  14. the hooligans are taking their toll.
    spring hormones are not nice for anyone. hang in there.

  15. I think of you as a warrior, Velma. Hope things have eased up a bit since you wrote this.

  16. dee, that's a fine compliment, and i guess i usually am, but this winter i've had the starch taken out of me.


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