Wednesday, August 31, 2011

for jude's friends

jude is safe, her family is all safe and ok, 
but she's tired of not having electricity.
says the power may not come back until tuesday
i am weaving, biding my time
making books
school tomorrow
waiting for house guests
doing laundry
i do not have irene to clean up after

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

fourth day syndrome

last night, this
 today i couldn't decide if it was the gusty winds
 or my fuggy brain,
 but ramona identified it:
 fourth day syndrome
a ruby throat through my fog

Sunday, August 28, 2011

a child says thank you

there are wonderful children in this world
this came in saturday's mail.
i love that a child has written to thank me.
you made paper and you rock, 
three gifts from india's long ridge workshop
 tanya made this woven momento
 india used my paper for a twist on the origami book
 i have been making string, a new way and an old way
 a felted vessel gift from regina
 a button from
~delectable mountain~
the MOST incredible store in brattleboro
 i played with rock shapes:
and played with words: 

Saturday, August 27, 2011

there and back again

 final morning bundles
 a treat
we were wearing our colors 
 more magic 
 an installation in a sheep meadow 
 tanya's amazing bag
a linda detail 
julie and the reds 

after five days
we are beginning to find our way
through the web of land skins
 a bridge message
 a little miracle from my spooky basement
my favorite surprise from the cauldron
 the drive home 
i decided to take the ferry
to cross champ's puddle
 yep, the mountain welcome
 cormorants for twitch
gull for me
  adirondacks in the dusk
they're home

Thursday, August 25, 2011

yesterday and today

 goldenrod harvested sustainably
 mending while wearing
serving tea
silk threads
my bundle for today
lots of super 8 sewing wednesday night
regina shares my table
we are the messy sisters
she makes felt that sings
photo of three sagittarians taken by one 
a skin sister's hands at work

further up and further in

in narnia, 
after the last battle, 
aslan encouraged by saying 
"further up and further in". 
as i told a dear friend,
i am learning to examine more closely, and to think more deeply
the little gods here, 
luna and kaylie
ground and center us
as we go deeper 

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

images from nearfaraway

large lace, 
green frill on chocolate
about 15 inches across
nancy is a lovely host, 
this place hides on a mountain, 
nestled in the north woods

one foundation supports a barn, shows some big air
the hills where the farm hides 

 whirling like the earth
a dervish
a witch
she gifted us with 
a special activity
another woods walk 
this purpose: giftedtime 
to think, 
to lookseesmelltastehear,
to write,
to share
we are all stitched together, we sisters, we 
tiny staghorn sumac tied up with silk

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