Wednesday, February 29, 2012


in my mail,
a record of experiments with wax and dye
 carol loves birds
and color
see the beautiful layout on this sampler!
the tiny knots
someone is traveling through, again,
my backyard
another porcupine?
i couldn't tell, actually.
and a grandfather maple
who will not be tapped this spring


this english (setter) princess
likes the couch (and pillow)
so i covered her
with handwoven cotton
which, it seems, she enjoyed.

Monday, February 27, 2012

two in a row

 keeps me feeling
 right in the head
 centered and grounded
 alive and tingly 
 but on this overcast late afternoon,
almost evening
 wendy took off for a little bit into the woods
just ran off, the brat
 her selective deafness annoying
 but oh, her love of the snow
the trees
the excitement of smells
traces of rabbit, deer, grouse
and three young runners 
who were unable to rid themselves of her
until one of them, wise in the way of dogs,
broke a stick and threw it back towards me
and then she remembered 
i ski with her, not these cute boys!
 another hermitage
 is slowly sinking into
the forest floor
 someone had a bottle
 and roofed over the a frame
with feed bags, then brush
and here is an enameled metal object
that i may try to salvage
next time? 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

skiing day

 we had a little weather
 but i had slim hopes of snow
i thought it was just going
to go to ice
it has all winter
 but this day proved me wrong, indeed!
 we went skiing!
brilliant white 
i had forgotten how white
and indigo the woods would be
 a little ochre
 and a hobbit house
 beaver sculpture
 and a new home for 
 a dryad
new downed trees
but, as you can see,
it didn't stop me!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

winter break

 this whole week has been 
one in which i keep showing up
 so to speak,
paying closer and closer attention
to what is going on
 in my work
 and in my world
 skies have been constantly
and continually changing
 clouds teaching me things
i need to know
 she makes me go outside
when i forget or
get lazy
 and then i see
rocks that would not
be books
stitches made by machines
  dots of starlings
all arguing and telling their stories
so much so that
i thought i heard the herald
redwing blackbird
but i think the damned
starlings were leading me on.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


the land here is thirsty
today's rain feels right.
 yesterday wendy found 
a bit of thaw
 i tried to photograph
 but she had to drink
precisely there
this is one of three hides i saw
on the dry roadside.
i am grateful, 
i say, 
for today's rain.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012



this winter is so bleached and flat
very different 
very dry, too,
also unusual
the snow
becomes punky,
grasses hide 
the critters who mine their way
under cover 
i search for color
thirsty, parched
and most days
there's a tint of color
on either end of the day

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