Wednesday, February 27, 2013

some more snow

school delays and closings
we were sent home from school early.
there was rain and even sun!
i went to mid morning yoga!
home for lunch and a nap, oh lovely nap!
and then the snow came on
 and on
 and on
 and i just shoveled very wet
but fairly thick
six or so inches
i have some reading material

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Monday, February 25, 2013

after break

 landscape tapestry
so familiar, 
i see almost daily
this backside of my land
beyond the ecotone
 afternoon flat light and little snow
keep my boots wet, 
wendy's coat soaked
 the snow is rich manure
for poor men this year
 who knows what she sees now,
certainly the snow
clouds and shadows.
she rolls her head into the crunchy snow
her body no longer follows the lead of her exuberant spine
she looks over her shoulder
at me. yes?
she is quiet and tired after half a walk,
will make her chatty border collie
grunt-talk when we get home
until i feed her
then she will rest nearby
a curl, a comma, of dog.
 the ecoprint on cave flax paper 
has me pleased.

Saturday, February 23, 2013


i couldn't help but title this post paper
(not a post of paper!)
so much of my thinking these days is on paper
not too many words on paper,
color, texture, strength
while helping a friend with indigo
i unearthed a lokta sheet i'd dyed
and spun it up
 the mail came with these three paper and silk yarns from habu
i will dye up the white, the other two
i am *thinking* about
 the last dyepot
 the last papers out
 ecoprint on handmade flax
and a favorite print on arches.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


a possible, but not mine,
mine had only the slightest bits of blue...
 there was a night and a day 
and then some more

dyeing paper

here's a little dance
how it's disbound 
 what i found inside
pleases me,
this winter break
where there is some color play
on the surface of cotton
with a little help
from staghorn sumac
blueberries, onion skins, hollyhock,
yellow birch,
a spider plant,
and metal things
 some string marks
 some metals
 a length in transition
and my vat god, plus a linen bundle
oh, and there was a moon or two
or more.
 last night's snow was lit up and
this morning there's new snow
so these bits of startling color indoors
make outside more beautiful still.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

winter break

a tiny group of fibers
web into many things- 
playing with my printer
 and some photos
 and dimension
 and light and shadow
 so fun to have the richness 
of a week off work
only a few things i must do
dentist today (again)
and new jeans to source
 reading an old friend
larger than life moro-shifu

no supper

so we drove into the mountains
 and it was cold
 and the late day light 
picked out bits of brilliant color
 and then in the distance
 the mountains took on a decidedly 
stunning appearance
 i haven't seen the adirondacks
look so amazing in ages
new snow on the high peaks
in the distance 
but sadness at our goal:
saranac lake and casa del sol,
my favorite restaurant,
has closed.
i first went there over thirty years ago,
i took my kids when they were babies and
celebrated many special days there
end of an era.

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