Monday, September 19, 2016

washi and firewood

a beautiful surprise 
accompanied a stitched piece from jude
and i covered the work table with it.
almost all of the work disappeared,
but just like inside ourselves
we still have all the stuff, even if it's hidden
it isn't.
so i went out walking at sunset
at the new place
 the sky was behaving strangely over there
(it's on the edge of the wilderness which may explain why)
 it was warm as summer,
and quieter evening sounds, 
and a mad dash by a bunny and two ducks wings echoing that in the sky
indicate summer's ending.
 it also warm today.
  water here,
 is the drainage from trout lake
flowing through our land
is constantly altered by beaver work.
 someone left a message,
not the beavers,
 on the bridge rail.
 preparations have been made
for winter
 fire wood
 covered, my table still has loads of work.
i will uncover this
perhaps by spinning this right up into
we are two thirds done with the project
 100 sheets completed
 resting under another piece of thick washi
which came to me as 
for a piece by chimani ricketts. 
reuse recycle upcycle sustainability.......
 all of it,
used to be how we humans managed our lives.
occasionally making something spectacularly beautiful
or singing a glorious song
or telling a story
that matters 
to the children
(ornery little beasts that they are, and 
yes i can say this as mom of two)
this rich delicious breathing mother earth
 here in the north country begins to think of rest.
winter is coming.
ducks fly, cottontails flee, blue jays call
and the pileated woodpecker who resides on our land
one of two from the summer,
makes us laugh.
tells us a story

Thursday, September 15, 2016

old asclepiadacea

knowing that the latest indigo
findings are that a textile
a peruvian, not an egyptian textile
has the earliest indigo archaeological evidence is cool.
what's even cooler is that the textile
that old peruvian one
woven with several techniques,
has white and brown cotton
and milkweed fiber!
glennis, aimee, melissa, gin, 
and the rest of you who along with me
milkweed nuts,
well, YAY!

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

september stuff

geese are practicing formation
these guys got the straight line figured out
{goose stitch}
one early morning recently
i took these four photos
 a beautiful beginning
 i have been finding roadkills
that are coming into the studio
for a bit
then are buried.
 to honor and appreciate
is my purpose.
work continues on intergenerationality
under these books
 look and see,
contact printed handmade papers,
papers by genevieve nordmark lapp. 
for the 
hand papermaking intergenerationality portfolio
materials for printing
 and donna sakamoto crispin
made me these tiny rattles
with slippery elm bark 
and clam shells from her home.
 (i didn't ask her what's inside, 
can you guess?

Sunday, September 4, 2016

transitioning, on the edge again

a time of mists and webs
strung across 
tapestry meadows
goldenrod, curly dock, aster
fleabane, jewelweed, lady's bedstraw
generous milkweed and joe pye weed
in the wet spots
autumn's crooked finger

 we're almost done making the transition
from this old blogger site
to the new square space place
i still haven't figured it all out.
so, once over there,
i will send a link
and a little video surprise,
a thank you for your patience
with this old papermaker.


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