Wednesday, October 31, 2012


wednesday report:
jude is well
she writes" OK but not fun".
probably the understatement of the decade.
not being much on pop culture,
i can only say that this from facebook speaks volumes
seems there are still fathers of daughters
men i know,
fit into the grey-faced men category.
i heard the "she asked for it" argument recently
made me spit fire.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012


the morning after
in the north country
sandy was kind.
not so elsewhere
sending love to you who are 
not so lucky

Monday, October 29, 2012

moving into weather

 a neighbor
 his herdmates
 he moved back to the group
 a new book
 on the way home (early) from work.
sandy is on her way, but
you can get stuff
at this place
 a refugee from sandy
 unfolded and 
for tomorrow's delight
8 moons

Sunday, October 28, 2012

a watcher

 when i brought her into my house, into my bedroom
15 years ago, 
i felt her presence.
i grew to love her, 
after i grew to fear her no more.
 rosa rugosa i planted here
 on linen
part of a bundle like this:
 which has handmade
abaca, from some time ago,
when i did an edition of white paper
for a rainy day
you can see
(well, maybe you can't see)
the ecoprints came out
very well, 
from pastel to deep
purple, charcoal, and dots
of rose from staghorn sumac berries
gathered at the new place.
hunker down, all, and safety to you.
good news this week:
hannah got an archivist job at a public library on mount desert island.
ian won *two* first place awards at bullseye glass' in house exhibition, 
(proud mom)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

images lately

the week has been deliciously busy
 branches wove across the sky
there was little rain
 a moon waxing
but from my belly
yes, on the side of the road!
she looked odd
grandmother maple's ochre
 and garden hosta
harvested for paper
 this colorful watcher
brought down for a cleaning
 stitching on golden milkweed paper
 one of many bundles
 this, too.
paper peeled off silk
sumac fruit clinging by
furry fingers
and this: aimee's book.
i had the huge privilege
of being an early reader
and now you can buy it.
it's very, very fine.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

tuesday morning

 the detour
 has meant 
 that i've
 really seen
a new watershed 
 and this morning
i stopped, turned off the car, listened and looked.
water and fog muffled the geese
who still kept constant discussion.
a duck swam by
and behind me on the road
heading south
a horse trotted a soft rhythm.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


 detour: oswegatchie river
 i've been passing this by
everyday on the detour home
friday the horse team was absent, work done
it was hard to get a good photo
(huge lines were in my way)
 but the changeable weather
made for light shows
 at home
 the leaves opened up
 for the lights
 i looked at two little abaca sheets
i had placed in a bundle
 and i learned something new
besides the ecoprints,
 the fern inclusions
from long ago
took up the dye color
and become dark presences.

Friday, October 19, 2012

autumn shades

i *think* this is my poem
for the bloodroot and violet book
from the natural colours exhibit
i *know* this is a pot
of autumn colors 
cotton, linen, and silk
and paper
 saving can lids for globes

 and rusty bits shed by passing vehicles
probably tractors
 drew asked it this was hebrew, 
you can, perhaps, see why
 more metals on yogurt mordanted cotton twill
 those gramicci climbing pants
 more of claudia's clothing
 twill and rose
and inside one linen bundle, 
a little silk surprised me.

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