Wednesday, May 29, 2013

steaming pond and other things

 tooley pond
 as the weather turned
an uneasy dance surfaced
between sky and depth
cold was fighting the warming waters
over the weekend 
 hortus siccus

 pages of this northern garden
 rinsing away plant matter
paper and cloth
 a pattern
a pleat
 some cloths
some text
some thoughts

Monday, May 27, 2013


i am well. 
i don't want to curse myself.
 one of the many painted turtles i've "rescued" this spring
 pretty, and such nice manners!
the snapping turtles
while more earthy looking 
are fierce
the painted are easy to carry to safety
 wrapping up a studio/mill/garage
 very high up
 great marks
 this visitor seems to find
my window screen 
a suitable place to hang out
 maybe it sees some of the colors inside
and feels right at home.
these papers are part of my new project:
a dry garden
hortus siccus.
i am very excited about this!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

three weeks

three weeks and
a few more prints
 such a lengthy bout of 
antibiotics and doctors and dentists
but i am on the mend.
really and truly.
many thanks to you all
for your kind support.
it's been a rough patch, for sure.
but i am finally feeling almost well.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

around the place(s)

 old wood + new wood = studio/garage
 friendly small ones
surround a burned out stump
 the road goes high just here
and the horses, clydesdales all five
 are weirdly sized from above.
and yet, up close
which i was,
they are huge and very well mannered.
i got to know them
and they, me, 
just a little bit.
 a rock book, 
very large
 in its own pool
 my favorite spring scent
planted by emily, 
for sure,
at the new place.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


 snapping princess
 she fiercely stood her ground
dangerous ground, 
the middle of the road
country road though it was, 
 i moved her, 
knocking off
 her mucky camouflage
in the process
and hearing fierce annoyance 
 and this lady, all painted and lovely,
also protested
 but i did move her ever so carefully, 
no stick needed 
this week, mid-sinusitis
i bought a sun hat.
the same day the painted lady
survived the road,
for a while. forever, 
i hope.
now, sunday evening, two doctors,
various health procedures and meds,
one dentist later,
i am on the mend.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

as we embark on the journey of building
a garage/studio and rebuilding
a house
i've been thinking of the patterning process,
mapping a dream,
and was reminded how it began with 
a pattern language.
and then
this surfaced:
 published in 1965
 another book about charting
 as usual, i've never gone into the exegesis
let alone read the entire thing,
just used what i wanted, frankly.
 (i may be the world's guiltiest skipper)
but,  just look at these illustrations!
 and then i saw this one, and my head,
like the unfortunate boy's 
 blue lines
 my pack always looks like this

 the curves for watercraft 

 i LOVE this
all alone
who says?
who says?
all you need is a little perspective!

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