Friday, August 30, 2013

field notes

 this summer i have met
a handful, a rather large handful,
of marvelous people
 one of these
 sent me a wonderful momento
that includes dear aimee, too
 a gifted vellum piece
that will become another of the hortus siccus books
 and while walking
three bees
involved in something i don't understand
 a road killed flicker
i moved off the road.
 a failed family
at the new place
 morning dew/fog
 another one soaking up heat from the tarmac, 
but i moved 
so it would be chilly in the cool wet grass
but alive
 late august morning
 such beauty
 leaves gathered here
sugar maple sustains in so many ways
and this small leaf
both showing 
autumn's touch.
labor day weekend. 
hannah's birthday.
the end of summer.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

more from maine

i really enjoyed
the northeast harbor library
i spent all day saturday there.
 the maine room had this treasure
hidden in the stacks
 with beautifully letterpress 
 printed words
and even more beautiful garden prints
 and this small one
 and this-- 
and more.
 and i got to page through this book!
 so amazing
 a cross, in a way
 between two other book artists that i stand in awe of:
 timothy ely 
william blake
 my eyes would go fuzzy
and then i'd go back to the book
 and this reminds me of rima staines.
who was trained 
as a book artist.
 and maybe a botanical artist or two.
 here are a few of his words
 and a few more
maybe carol barton.
and these last two
which so amaze me.
i'm home again, with more pictures 
for another day.
i promise.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

in maine

 this is where i'm writing this morning 
i'm in northeast harbor, maine
in the maine studies room
in the village library.
 a fresh breeze coming in that bank of windows
  the collection here is all about maine
there are a few secrets
rarities that need special permission
 a book by someone who
i remember from ages past
 and a few titles i'd like to get to know
 bad beaver tales, indeed
 boats and ships appear everywhere
 and history is palpable
 hannah is archivist at this public library
when she's not hiking
 showing me amazing rocky places
 she knows the park* well, now
 and has favorite quiet, 
almost hidden 
places to look long
when she's not
 at work
 this library is beautiful
and new
with profound respect for place 
and books
and bookish things
 with all kinds of art
 and even a few ancient 
beautiful things
 these ships are "woolies"
made from yarn scraps 
 they're all over this library
 the archive has many treasures
 all about this place

 this treasure i love,
a painted interior door
of a safe
in the archive room
 and down the street
there is a funny funny fellow
lest we take ourselves
too seriously
this little maine interlude
is special, because in a week i will be
back at work
teaching in a different program and school.

*Acadia National Park
Mount Desert Island, Maine

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