Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saturday, December 28, 2013

christmas break wandering

 a grey birch bends over the woodshed
 it was a year for apples
many still left on the wild trees
 the back meadow
 becoming a woodland
 a few milkweed stalks
here and there

 wild apple
 every winter you must
eat an icicle
 frozen bark
 those apples

can you guess what it tasted like?

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Monday, December 23, 2013

what day is it?

electricity is back on,
two nights without
 trees, well it was raining trees.
the big white pine in the back yard
is very very trimmed.
one fell in a neighbor's woods,
a flock of blue jays relocated.
i hauled the big branches from the driveway.
wonder if/when a vehicle will
come inice.

Sunday, December 22, 2013

winter solstice

 i have moved away from traditional christmas 
to an awareness and need for a
solstice celebration
 but of course there is the last
to get through before
the holiday.
 so we resorted to video
the morning group: the polar express
the afternoon: santa claus conquers the martians
my belly hurt from laughing!
 as we watched, the rain/sleet/ice
came down and began another storm.
 so on saturday afternoon
we had some icing
very lovely 
 really amazing
 hollyhock seeds
 icy slippery elm for aimee
because that's what we've been 
talking about.
and then night fell
and fell.
and the electricity went out,
taken down by some iced trees
who gave up last night.
 at my house there's no backup heat
except this
 which ate wood
 more ice today.
st lawrence county is under 
a state of emergency.
and hannah is coming home.
my nephew's family, too.
but not yet
 the grandmother maple
in the back yard
is still holding her limbs,
the white pine, is not.
i dug into one of these piles
(this one has hosta under it)
and dug out another day's wood.
but this afternoon
a miracle:
electricity again!
i am eager to move off grid 
these storms will then be far less difficult.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

snow dance

the ladies are wearing white
 in the deep afternoon
 long pre-solstice shadows
 on the one clear day this week
 see how many colors of snow there are!
 as daylight 
sinking already
 about 3:15 pm
and up close. 
you can see
how beautiful the work
of humans  
in the landscape
can be.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

a gift

i am a person who loves to give gifts
(as well as receive them)
i'm also a person who forgets things, special dates, etc.
(dates are numbers, numbers are slippery for me) 
this can be a problem, and i have been known to do odd things:
i have in my school bag a birthday card for a neighbor.
her birthday was around november 8th, more or less. see?
 a gift came to me this week
from pam
 whose shibori on paper astonished
and inspired me last summer
 well, these were wrapped up in cloth, 
walnut-dyed challis
 each one perfect.
 so i started playing
and playing and playing
 the cocoons have an affinity for each another
and hold on, hands-on, like hormonal teens
to one another!
 there is an amiable patterning
dancing across this page
 the brilliant white has been subdued
by pam's dyepots
 none of these photos were taken in good light
because all it does recently is snow
or threaten to snow
and it's winding into solstice. we are sun deprived.
so they began a new game on a morojifu folio,
 page from a book of secrets.

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