Tuesday, January 31, 2012

violet snow

i've seen this before
but today, i know
 it's turkey!
(there were tracks)
they've been foraging on
 wild grapes, so abundant
 last fall
and then 
 above and below
a reflection 
 fine walk
a mild winter day
gray and quiet

Monday, January 30, 2012

play habu

 playing with habu yarn on the stump
 i had to put paper behind the warp to see it
 it changes a bit with the lighting
 but the paper and nylon thread is amazing
i love this furry little square
but didn't until i 
added the piece of paper

Saturday, January 28, 2012

winter color

i have been complaining
of the winter
and the dreary.
this morning
 just past sunrise
 my driveway
swathed in 
 the inside of a shell
or a cecropia
swimming in blushing air
until it changed
this afternoon
 these clouds
like tapestry
ushered in the
weather change
 there was a bit of ice 
on the drainage
and one calf.
i asked where is the other?
in the freezer, he replied.

Friday, January 27, 2012

lion's pelt

the pages all hemstitched
and sections placed
india calls this silk
lion's pelt
so appropriate
so i have two of these books
my exemplar and the lions pelt
just beginning
ready for the story
an eye, jude?
te he
magic on lion pelt
learning magic thread
it's tricky
aimee yarn
also tricky 
the stump. 
the mac.
third snow day this winter.
 almost snowless, 
but the ice was treacherous.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


 in this bleak 
weird winter
 vision shifts
 i search for red
my foil for sadness
what or who
has collected
 in anticipation of
slim pickings
a touch of blue and red
 the road seems to wait for winter
which is playing games 
for sure
 vision shifts
  wild vine
still has a few 
just blue

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

row by row

 inch by inch
india's threads 
a delectable mountain

choosing correctly

 walking often solves many problems for me
personal. political. design.
in the last week or so,
amidst other concerns
i've been able to think through
the what of several pieces
 seeing this problem 
through the camera's eye
was so much clearer
i chose the blanket 
over whip stitch
it's clear in the pictures
once i weeded,
 two folios were picked out,
stitching's equivalent of back weaving
but no stitch is wasted in learning
just a little bit of string.
i now have several hours of blanket stitch
on the eight folios.

Monday, January 23, 2012


 the process of how a book becomes is
fraught with tiny decisions 
and then i placed
maybe arbitrarily
the one piece of silk that was 
just over 16" x 20" 
 and did a bit of math
and thought about page spread size 
and divided the cloth into eight 5" x 8" pages

which would be folded into
pages that were 4" x 5"
i then cut the attachment slots
 in this case the dummy was quite small
so i played with some silver oddments
to see how they are on the silk 
a nifty thread in natural and dyed with copper 
and a few other alchemies
the first cut
on this stuff i love so much 
was the hardest
more to come...

Sunday, January 22, 2012

at the press and around

printmaking and letterpress collaborators
mark and melissa 
 i was mesmerized
 as i watched melissa schulenburg
make prints on a letterpress 
 for a broadside
 melissa designed the block
and mark the typography
and mark is printing
and melissa inking
as a part of a series
i can't wait to see all of them together
wendy and i

went grocery shopping BEFORE
the print shop visit
on the road there was a deer carcass being eaten
 by a hawk and several ravens
they were unhappy when i stopped, 
turned around for a quick photo
when i first drove by there was much activity, 
four or five ravens, one hawk
 the appropriateness 
of birds getting their winter lunch
knowing it's not free.

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