Monday, July 30, 2012

tried to retrieve

friday's and today's posts.
 sunday to monday
i went to syracuse for a picnic
with a bunch of wonderful bookfolk
 i didn't take this bag
which  holds my swedish bobbin winder
 but i received an admonishion
 i've heard that one before
 a was shown several wonderful books
in the conservation lab at bird library
(and elsewhere)
 discussed the pronounciation of basil
isn't it wonderful?
 oh, those old,
thank you 
peter and hope,
and bookish picnicers all!
a great jaunt!


I deleted my today blog post. 
friday's post with
many wonderuful responses.
many apologies to everyone.
on the phone
writing a blog post, 
eating supper.
bad combo.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

gifts and work

 nature has been generous with gifts
while i was reading on the porch
i noticed a movement
and a graceful, leggy visitor came along.
i was able to sneak off for the camera,
and caught her on the other side of the house.
this morning's visitor(s)
were NOT welcome
two little brown bats
playing tag in my bedroom.
up at 3:30, tending to bats.
not fun.
 i have been working
on silk and 
on cotton
 and when i need diversion
 i "knit"
the thing is well over a meter now.
and one more of nature's gifts:
a tiny warrior
who couldn't outrun a car.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

paper from place

deckle edges
making paper
from the land,
at long ridge farm,
is coming up
august 3,4, & 5
and nancy tells me there's room
for more students.
i'm excited about making paper
from the land 
and making a book or two
to see how beautiful plant papers
show themselves off.
tiny moulds
you'll go home
with a stack of paper,
a book or two,
and the knowledge
to make paper by yourself.
a whole bag of tricks.
tall stack of papers
join us at one of the 
most beautiful spots in new hampshire
(yes, really),
i'm beginning to put the mill in order
to travel in the outback
across champ's pond, then
to brattleboro, 
then new hampshire and long ridge farm.
where nancy is playing 
with sheep and color.
and soon,
brand new sheet

Friday, July 20, 2012


roz making shifu
roz hawker has a new blog.
you should go over and meet her!
why? well, having JUST taken her class
 velma's classwork
 and i continue at home
at beautiful silks' symposium
where i among a cast of characters taught.
roz taught me to look at stitches
to see them as marks.
drawing, even.
and so i've been stitching
warping the little loom
for shifu

and missing the scent of eucalyptus.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

settling, now

 i look through dyed shifu
into the sky
where a spruce and a maple 
take up air space
and this morning
i'm threading heddles
guarded by my best friend
a long warp on my little loom
cotton for shifu
 surrounded by the heat of northern summer
the colours of australia
 tiny packets of threads
from roz's class
 and my little hidey sack
how they look in the mottled summer light
this flax paper is waiting
my working into it's strong surface
 a few things to think about
high summer

Monday, July 16, 2012

little home tales

 playing with an archivist and a hollowback
 what trace helped me do
with my old gap shirt
 wonderful color
 looking at what i worked on
with roz hawker
at nature's colours in the city
bales in the early morning 
the same day
 on tooley pond road
a youngster
 who couldn't figure us out
 stormy possibilities
 another reason i love the north country
in the mixed lettuce i bought 
down the road a piece 
at farmer bill's
 i often find a blade or two of grass
and tonight
i found it in my burrito. 
no harm, 
and delicious lettuces.

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