Wednesday, January 30, 2013


i learned a thing today
it was shocking
and so simple
whitetail deer eat lots of wood in winter.
bark, buds, twigs.
 this is a stomach 
full of fiber
 pulled away
out of the belly cavity
and the organs eaten
by coyotes
 the light was so flat
it's hard to see
this dramatic
 young creature
who is now keeping another creature
everybody eats somebody
close to here.
likely that yearling
drank from this pond.
at the new place
the place i will call home.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013


 we got some white stuff
 walking out back
 snow tweed

Saturday, January 26, 2013


this little picture
with aimee's puzzle
and a few other things
reminds me
to tell you all that i really am well.
and thank you 
all who have given your kindnesses.

a moon

from thursday or friday
showed up during the frigid weather
i'm off antibiotics
and hopefully back.
today i'm feeling foggy
the sun just clouded over.
sometimes i think january
will never end.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


in 1999 i attended my first pbi,
the paper and book intensive,
(actually only half of the session)
i took a marvelous class with
whose website i found via aimee lee.
mary ann knows books, fiber, paper, wool.
and animals.
(and probably a few other things, too!)
mary ann pushed me in some directions
but the main thing was the concept
of book/paper/textile being all of a piece
all related, all connected.
above are some of the pieces i made
with her or after her workshop
with her inspiration.

Monday, January 21, 2013

mail call

while i was sick, 
the mail still came. 
wireless worked.
a few new goodies arrived
as i was becoming ill
and then during.
some i've written about
some are not yet seen, 
but sophie, and carol, and haystack, and pien
here they are!
 sophie munns sent me a book and a few goodies
that made me dance and shout
 carol showed me some tempting process photos, 
as did aimee
 these are mysterious
but there's even more mystery i can't write about, yet
 a place i want to go to this summer
and i may have some interesting teaching gigs popping up,
 can't give details till they're worked out.
 and pien rotterdam
someone i "met"
years and years ago as part of the YAHOO papermakers group
evertything was beautifully wrapped
 and her sample book was lovely
really fine papers
the kind that take your breath away
these and so much more 
(you know who you are, i've still got it all confused)
enriched my illness
with caring, and art, and thought, phone calls and interest,
enough so i was able to keep stitching
one     stitch     at     a     time     .
love makes it through the internet
i swear it.

two guys

 this little letterpress note
came from a fine friend
frank at speakeasy press
reminded me to pay attention
so i'm passing it on

Friday, January 18, 2013

Thursday, January 17, 2013

a join

 one little join
on a tibetan book
which had to be understood
because it is beautiful
~the other side~ 
see how this icy puddle 
reflects the sky
just like the bluest blue 
on the page of prayers
been working
 needle and thread 
a few more joins 
more and more circles

Tuesday, January 15, 2013


this willow
whose feet are dug in 
a drainage 
has chosen to risk it all
on the possibility of
it is january 15 in the north country.
this is unheard of.
and yet we have heard this:
global warming is/is not
and the willow
she takes a huge risk. 
 this is the water 
that keeps her feet wet
during much of the year,
and after rain
 across the road, 
it's icing up again
as winter argues with spring
hard to believe that a week ago
the snow was thighhigh
this tall willow
she has such heart
to try to bloom
in january.
she is a fool,
or i am the fool.

Monday, January 14, 2013

snow disappearing

 thaw on the weekend
 some light dancing
that same sky!
 i sampled
spinning thin kozo and thick lokta 
 holy words
printed gently
  kozo and lokta
(and damned silly numbers-
been playing with the camera)
 lokta and kozo
grey birch and snowmelt
still some flu, but coming around slowly

Saturday, January 12, 2013

beauty in pale

all that beautiful snow
that graced us at christmastime
and after, and through this horrid flu
is melting now

january thaw 
this is what an elder dog does 
watches, listens, sniffs.
her eyes are cloudy
her hearing leaving,
but she loves both snow and wind.
oh, and me.

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