Saturday, March 24, 2012


 "take what you need and leave the rest"
i obeyed this invocation
from nature's storehouse bulletin board
 so i did, and passed it on 
and it came back to me
 a package of wonders
and a book of experiments
from the alchemist aimee
go see this post! you must!

 how i love the work
from asao shimura at asa press


  1. wow...thanks for sending me to aimee's blog.

  2. thanks for the shout out! i LOVE that sign. and asao is really something; i hope he really does make it to cleveland in the fall!

  3. I love that poster! (and as I've already told aimee - I fancy that book.... its really got my imagination going.... what is 'Indian indigo powder'? in fact what'st he whole book all about (curiouser and curiouser)

  4. aimee, ilove that little book, and if asao makes it to cleveland i surely must!

    ronnie, i can bring the book to oz, or, here you go, come to the u.s. for a visit!!!

  5. wonderful pkg. of treasures from Aimee... love the book of samples. the poster looks like fun - one of those little things in a day that stick with you.

  6. jean, it made my day, well, the day had LOTS of wonderful moments. i'm very lucky.

  7. I love that you were able to just take strength like that. And then feel stronger.

    And then pass that strength on.

  8. what a bunch of fabulous finds/gifts!
    i'm going to use this poster idea...

  9. I love everything in this post. Aimee's work is si interesting.

  10. fascinating something to try. all those minerals and konyakuas binder!

  11. blandina, thank you. and you're right about aimee!
    neki, yes! go for it and report to us, please!

  12. LIke that poster indeed Velma!
    And the book of experiment looks really intriguing!


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