Saturday, September 10, 2011

blue play

indigo is all kinds of blue
 i stated a little jug.
i am not so good at keeping close to instructions,
after several days...
 morning and blue
 (this is what i did:
i put fresh indigo leaves in a jar,
filled it with water
and let it be for a few days)
and not much happened
 i pulled out the cloth 
a silk wool mix and a shifu square 
once in a while
and one night i poured in the rest of my
supper libation, dos equis,
onto the slightly tinted fabric
 and a day or two more,
and a pretty big stink, too
there was a fine, light blue.
do not follow my lead
but do take a risk sometime-
 risk of failure is nothing much, really.


  1. Wow, wonderful color... and the photos.... my paintings!

  2. It is fun to come up with your own process sometimes. beautiful. indigo is next on my list. can't wait.

  3. gosh that's so pretty... I'm amazed by the alchemy of process... and really inspired to 'have a go' one of these days....

  4. i don't see any failure. i love the risks you take!

  5. my pale pale attempts show that i'm not one for reading the directions this blue of yours.

  6. i LOVE that your beer kick started the indigo!

  7. What fun Velma...adding to the brew!
    Love indigo and to see all the variations that are possible...that would be something!
    Thanks for all your fine words of late... have got less than three weeks to untangle my current busy chaos! Still figuring re book!

  8. v, it's the land, isn't it?
    l, i can imagine a litle plot of indigo in your beautiful garden
    r, i'm intrigued by the fresh leaf process, not that i followed any of it correctly!
    l, i think it only enlivened things, maybe
    s, you must be so excited for london!!!!!!

  9. A very pretty blue indeed and a lovely play on blue. Instructions....following....ha!

  10. Glad I came by here this morning. Gives me hope. I put some of my baptista (which I know may not give me blue) in a jar and three days later the water was still clear as a bell. I'm going to be patient...

  11. at times I have pleaded, prayed, bribed and threatened my indigo pot. have taken more workshops than I like to think about but the best trick was one my Japanese sensei taught - he always gave the pot a gollup of sake - and himself a small cup!

  12. p, it's why i'm a sped teacher!
    d, patience may work...but...
    j, hurrah! i'm with your sensei, about an onuce or so in a quart of leaves, cloth and water did the trick, a pale, but lovely greenish blue

  13. Absolutely gorgeous shade of blue!

  14. wouldn't it be fun to experiment with different brews?
    (I'm a Sam Adams affectionado myself!)

  15. b, thank you, it's still nice
    p, go for it! though i h\think jean's sensei saki might be too heavy duty for me!


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