Monday, September 19, 2011


 this is what i saw at 6:45 
on my way to work. 
i tootled along
and then i pulled over
couldn't help it
 i turned around and went back
 pulled out the camera 
and got out
 the geese were honking away
 i disturbed them
it seems
 i kept looking and shooting
 then four took off
 the color was shot with early light
and the red maples showing their true colors


  1. Incredible colours, love autumn, here we are going into spring, and then a hot summer is forecast, I hope they are wrong.

  2. Oh. My. Gosh. It is rare we see color like that here, as it and requires the cold to come before the rain instead of the other way around. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos.

  3. magnificent! living on the edges, again.

  4. wow! already the colors all ready.

  5. I was just loving the colours, and going with the flow, enjoying their magic; and then I saw what you saw - the geese! Nature does it so well - we are fortunate observers indeed.

  6. all, i just couldn't drive by, though i tried, because i thought i had to try to capture the colors. there in a low marsh, where the cold is early, and the gees, well, they were LOUD! an ecotone in every sense, jean!

  7. Breathtaking. What a gift. Our fall doesn't arrive for a good long while yet.

  8. a & J, a gift of rose, deep and pale and golds and greens and grays and...

  9. Spectacular! What a colorful stand. Here in Western Mass, we have just a little bit of color showing here and there.

  10. V- there are times when it is OK to stop soak in the absolute glory or nature; and maybe even be a little late for work. Thanks for sharing such gorgeous colours. B

  11. coming over here from elk's place to wonder, with you, at this bounty of colour. thanks for sharing it (as a transplant to florida from the north, i miss this autumn glory terribly, every year.)

  12. t, once it really starts, it's amazing!
    b, i wasn't even late, a couple minutes early,actually!!!
    l, then these pics are especailly for you!
    c, thank you!


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