Thursday, September 30, 2010

heavy rain

it seems like my cold toes and the constant deluge outside indicate i should start a fire. but i am stubborn (and lazy) and will wait until tomorrow after school.
cold toes protected by hannah's wool socks. this is "japanese style" lokta, cut and prepped for spinning. i purchase it from a local merchant.
 one sheet of the lokta, spun. 
 six sheets of lokta, spun. the warm white is natural lokta, the three dyed skeins are from pbi.
and milkweed, my lovely fiber/paper. i will finish this green harvest, and then do a gray harvest later on (though i spotted a patch of already field retted gray milkweed. i may cheat and pick that. i remember going out on my skis in march one year, two feet of frozen snow on the pasture, and harvesting milkweed, placing it in my packbasket. sking home, and prepping on the kitchen floor. my hands were cold, but the paper was lovely.
guess what this is?
 and this?
and this?
this is wonderful. i like it now as much as when i first saw it.


  1. your lokta spin is so wholesome, but marcel stole my heart for the day...k.

  2. marcel makes me happy. i have lint AND a dog.

  3. Whacky video... I totally laughed. You must be on the other side of this storm 'cause we're getting TONS of rain as well, but its unusually warm and humid and yucky. I know I'd prefer cold toes..... Glad your photos are back.

  4. So I tried to watch Marcel the Shell by clicking on the experimental captioning...and I hope it's really, really bad captioning. Otherwise, I am completely confused (which wouldn't be unusual).

  5. v--i'm in northern ny

    melissa-the sound is pretty bad, so the no-sound is no surprise. sorry.

  6. glad to see your photos are back - and I love the image of all the spun lokta

  7. Velma, No need to be sorry - I couldn't hear it even if the sound was 'great' - it had captioning in beta, but made no sense...just made me wonder if the captioning was remotely close to what was spoken!

    Add me to the 'glad the photos are back' pool. I love the hornet / wasp
    nests, and all that luscious lokta cord.

  8. Wasp nests are beautiful! I found one walking through our river valley. Wasps are incredible paper makers, aren't they?

  9. sometimes i tie a hair to a piece of lint and drag it around.
    why is it that i feel like that sometimes???

    i once looked at a diamond and it gave me a sunburn LOL!!
    precious vid thanks!

  10. Love the video, thanks for putting it up... just wonderfull..

  11. marcel tickles me no end. i showed it to my students and they enjoyed it, much fun! fellow teacher thought it "weird". ha!

  12. V - I am truly amazed that you are able to spin such beautiful 'yarn' with the Japanese paper. I first saw this in Calgary where the artist spun books into yarn and then did weaving with it - I just loved the deconstruction and reconstrstion thing so that a piece of text was presented in a different artistic form - talk about arists' books. B


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