Monday, September 27, 2010

missing: photographs

missing: pohotgraphs.

i'm not quite sure how to proceed with no pictures. this is an interesting dilemma and points out how image is necessary for me. i have been looking at the blogger help stuff, and apparently this is not an unknown problem. there have been no fixes cited, so i will be off until this is fixed. please excuse, it is entirely blogger's problem. and yet i feel responsible somehow. i guess that says something about how this etherial world has become a community of sorts. hmmm...


  1. ugh, what a bummer... I had a glitch for a bit of not having some of the tools on my post writing page, but they've since come back. Unfortunately, this is way worse. Good luck!

  2. oiy! come back soon!

  3. trying to imagine possible images...

  4. I had the same problem when I was without camera. It just didn't seem right.

  5. clearly not your fault - I'll be pleased to see you when you come back

  6. You can't possibly have run out of room. May Blogger find a solution soon.

  7. velma, have you been to the blogger help thingie? it's been a while since i've been there, but it really was helpful. it's a forum, i think... (and i do love the words in the image that is now above this post) xo


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