Thursday, June 28, 2012

nature's colours

what a wonderful ride it has been!
(though backwards!)
australia is a marvel. 
wednesday marion took
phil and me to visit george
who had wool and alpaca jersey
and i got out into the countryside a little.
i was disoriented by the dry brownness
but was told it was very green!
i thought resembled the land around denver, a bit.
but the trees not at all. 
george's homestead was full of food, his gardens lush in winter, 
and we came away with food as well as jersey.
i saw emus but no kangaroos.
tonight i had an informal show and tell session
which i shared with aukja boonstra.
 aukje, a former potter, 
has explored natural dyeing
with the gums, and uses sea water
in a lively response to environmental 
responsibility and her dyepot.
aukje's dyebook
and wednesday
janet de boer launched the symposium
 and i spoke about, well, i spoke about my work.
janet had a blast being a "girl in a cake"
sort of--(you had to be there). 
 this large baby was spooky
 hanging up in fitzroy
 certain things please me no end
and others are just good signage
huge hearts here in fitzroy
elephant and marion,
my hosts.
come by nature's colours in the city!
the retail shop alone is worth a looksee.
oh, my! 
lovely hand 
color and words 
and i must say i have also received invaluable feedback
there will be more!


  1. thank you so much for sharing these experiences with those of us who planned to be there but in the end couldn't - looking forward to more jo

  2. YAY. so thrilled about it all!

  3. I'm sulking now you know.... I KNOW how lovely BS is..... wish I could get to both the natural dye sympo AND the mega massive sale ..... (grinds teeth)

  4. Velma, lovely to see your pics and know you are so close! I love visiting Fitzroy, Beautiful Silks (I did my first dyeing course there)and have bought many beautiful fabrics and remnants. Let me know if you are heading out Gippsland way, I would love to meet up if possible.

    Jacky xox

  5. so sorry, jo, that we won't meet.
    aimee, oz is AWESOME and so is beautiful silks
    ronnie, your private helicoptor should just swoosh you up and away over here.
    jacky, i don't think i will be going that way, lovely as it sounds.

  6. oh... wonderful to get a tidbit... looking forward to more! Down here in Florida - land - and growing things - are always so captivating to see in these different environments. Some things I recognize (oak trees and pines) and some things are so odd - air plants on the sidewalk after a big rain....

    Happy travels!!

  7. thanks for taking the time to post - it all looks fantastic. enjoy!

  8. v, you're in florida? wasn't n.h. hot eough for you?!
    jean, it IS fantastic. grinning hugely.

  9. looks like the emu has on a backwards ballet shoe :)

    beautiful images, story--both posts. love the words on the tape on the bottom image, and that baby doll is a big boy now!

    enjoy sharing and learning

  10. joanne, i am, indeed!
    thanks, neki!
    hi back at you, jude
    m, yes, me, too.

  11. Wish I too could be there, Velma. You will have to come up to the Sunny Coast next time you are in Oz.

  12. ok, noela, you're on! i want to see more of this amazing country! and tasmania. and new zealand.


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