Saturday, June 23, 2012

walk and a morality tale

 last night 
 a hole in the sky appeared
 and three kittens and their mom
fell through
 the sunset kept to itself
 as usual,
but performed a magnificent dance
and a doe observed
this is how it went:
"i don't like to kill a cat" he said
gesturing toward his standardbred
"my horse might die."
a profoundly buddhist statement by a young amish man
who dumped a mama cat and her babes
in the meadow near the roadside.
with apologetic smile he tried to explain:
"the farmer i work for don't like cats"
i was angry, left with a dilemma not of my making 
what to do with four cats?
i mean, i'm going to australia tomorrow!
he had dumped them, pulled off, and came back, to explain to me. 
"i don't like to kill a cat"
his employer, 
a man i can't respect
put this young man in this position. 
the farmer could have taken these cats to the shelter
(he knows about shelters, the amish man doesn't) 
or tried to find homes.
"i don't like to kill a cat" he said
but he picked them back up 
and drove off, 
to find an ethical solution.


  1. Huh, interesting story... wish the kitties well.

    and safe LONG travels!

  2. "i don't like to kill a cat"
    what do people think? set them off and it guarantees that they will be found, fed, cared for and loved?
    O..... i have NO sympathy for those who think this way so to soothe their delicate feelings of "i don't like to kill a cat"
    sorry for the bit of rant.
    this just really left an angry, nasty buzzing in my soul.

    Take Care on your trip.

  3. oh dear...and jude needs kittens and stars aren't aligning...may journey be safe, your's and the little ones. thoughts for happy ends.

  4. oh gads what a tale!

    I hope the kitties find a happy home.... I find it hard to believe that this sort of thing still happens (but hey - I find a LOT of things hard to believe!)

    happy flapping over the very big pond

  5. valerie, yes, me, too, and i was so relieved to see his concern, his dilemma. his boss is an ass.

    joan, it's not simple, he saved them when they walked into his barn, and the farmer had a hissy fit. he was doing his best, which he recognized was no solution. this is the third immoral act that i know of the boss.

    henrietta, yes, but probably not four cats

    ronnie, yep, me, too.

  6. Well, I have to say there are some ignorant people around here still. Oh, poor kitties. Your photographs are stunning, Velma! I wish you safe travels and wonderful adventures!

  7. Bon Voyage, Velma! Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

  8. may the sun and the moon and the stars align and all be well for you and the kitties.

  9. cait, you might know this farmer, i'll refrain from naming him. i write from l.a. where i wait out yesterday's delay.
    melissa, i aim to, if i ever get there!
    jean, my wishes, exactly! thanks

  10. looking forward to hearing of your adventure as it unfolds!
    you better have landed by now and be sound asleep

  11. Yes, I'm sad to say people around here seem to dump kittens and puppies too. It's simply beyond my comprehension.

  12. penny, this young guy was not willing to kill them, his employer could have taken them to the shelter or found homes, but harangued the amish kid, who is quite isolated from the amish community over here. i know that man. he tried to make another "responsible". in truth, that man is a cad. a toad. a fraud.


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