Wednesday, February 9, 2011

gray or grey or indigo

not blue, actually
 paper prayers fading 
 snow down my boots, up to my thighs and then some.
porcupine is still eating white pine. my goats used to love spruce and pine needles.
yes, it is snowing. 
and i am dreaming of shifu.


  1. OMG!!! that is a lot of snow. reminds me of ft drum days.

  2. wow this snow is so deep. I have never been in snow that deep. it looks so soft and fresh and new.


  3. endless shades of white. do you know eskimos/innuit people can tell over a hundred shades with their names?

  4. V-I agree with aimee - OMG that is a lot of snow and that equals coldness. Suggestion - stay inside and drink red wine. B

  5. Shifu-dreaming sounds like the right kind of activity for that landscape - that is A LOT of snow! Hope you can still get about as needed...

  6. aimee, way more than your ft. drum year, but to put it in perspective they have more than we do!
    t, it's gorgeous
    neki, an inuit would laugh at my discomfort this winter
    barry, i wouldn't be able to get up for work!
    fiona, it does make the commute problematic
    everyone, i'm ok, and i would be better if i got in a nice ski everday!

  7. I've seen snow like that once in my life (on low lands). My car was completely buried. So crazy...and in a way, a treat. :)

  8. oh, oh, what happens when you run out of red wine?? and how does the porcupine navigate when it is so deep? Shifu is the best- dream on.


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