Wednesday, February 16, 2011

mid week musing

i've been up to a couple of things this week.
border collies have an amazing gait that is economical and quick.
on our walk, i see her energy saving way of moving.
hocks close, feet almost touching.
i started a cauldron.
couldn't wait till spring
a silk piece, a cotton piece
see the branches?
after yesterday's walk
the branches!
sun yesterday, and cold.
today, warm and cloudy.


  1. Beautiful cloth... and, of course, I love the branches in them!

  2. Beautiful beautiful branches! Is that a slow cooker you are using as a cauldron ( i know about nil about dyeing...)

  3. interesting, everything in this post is about energy saving-one way or another.

  4. plant colour puddles spreading around the whirled

  5. v, i didn't see the connection till i put the two day's photos together.
    fiona, it's just an old enameled pot, vintage garage sale.
    neki, aging is about saving energy because the bank account is finite.
    india, just couldn't wait for spring...i needed some dye alchemy

  6. Are those silver birch branches you have used and have they given you that lush purple streak in the fabrics? You may call them aspen? In Uk I think our silver birch is the same as the aspen tree.
    Im onion and rust dyeing and prob have almost enuf for a blessed shroud ..... if I never use them in my stitching lol all because spring is still too far away still ~
    Great pics, great results. I have a collie too, though older I think than your own but a treasure. A lovely breed,though my own may have been crossed with a brown bear cos his coats so thick!

  7. Beautiful. For some reason (I think I know why) I always seem to see skeletons in the patterns made by ecoprints, when they are done like this.

  8. the leaf prints come from san francisco eucalyptus, the purply is actually more black and come from using an old pole, maybe cast iron? i think it's iron making the magic, iron and years of dairy cows!

  9. recently bought India's book but have not tried anything yet. How long did it take you to get the cotton and silk dye in the hot (water ???)with the leaves, etc.?

  10. a couple of hours simmering merrily away, then i watched and when it was nice and dark, i removed them. probably 3-5 hours...i didn't keep track.

  11. thank you, found your blog thru Jude (i'm in her CWB class) and have seen and admire in this blog your beautiful papers and journals you made.

  12. V- I just love the idea of the cauldron with the stirring sticks. And the piece you unravelled with the subtext Couldn't wait until spring looks like an owl face on the side and the skull of a wolf in the centre - love it. Go well stay warm - think of eucalyptus and sunshine. B

  13. yes, i see them! thank you for that!

  14. Oh, I loved seeing your bound branches in the "cauldron"...makes me want to do some wrapping. At least i have to begin by cleaning my dye table. You have given my inspiration...thanks.

  15. clean away, er, i could clean of my table(s)...


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