Tuesday, February 22, 2011


afternoon, and as the long shadows (yes, there is sunshine!) 
and brilliance shine on these keys, i sit and think 
("sometimes i sits and thinks, and sometimes i just sits") 
in wonder and great peace. 
i have had a trip into a place of learning and growing. of laughter and love. 
of trying to make my hands learn faster than they want.  
a beautiful collection of one of barry's leaves, and my valentines. i returned to this, surprised.
 see the ship? a lake freighter on lake ontario
a train ride, there 
and back again.
i looked out the window, until i remembered that the grey was twilight 
and quickly took some photos.
smiling hugely.


  1. I love visiting Toronto too. There is so much to see and (almost) understand.

  2. Everything is so much more beautiful in the sunlight! Love your drawing!

  3. you did it! i am SO proud of you and happy for you and excited about the way your life is transforming to open to more and more possibilities! welcome home :)

  4. I loved to read of you sitting in wonder peace...you can't top that. It sounds like a good place to be and lovely to have the sun and it's shadows...F

  5. Your shifu is just beautiful. 89 yards of joy. That quote took me back to my childhood instantly.


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